Life History Of Gladiolus And Poppy

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August Birth Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiolus flower:

Gladiolus is a flower whose name is originated from a latin word sword. In India it is known as a sword flower. It gets its name because of its sword like shape of flower stalk .Gladiolus is known as an august birth flower. Having two birth flowers for August allows people to choose the flower that they feel a stronger connection .It is a flower that symbolizes strength, integrity, and perseverance. People that are born in august have gladiolus as there birth flower.

 Can gladiolus bloom in August?

One of most beautiful and colorful flowers, gladiolus, is the flower that blooms in august. Yes! It is one of the most colorful flowers that blooms in august. This classical summer-bloomer is unique in that its flowers grow from a little pointed spike into sword-like shape. This is also a reason that gladiolus is called a sword flower.

            Why is gladiolus flower for August?

In ancient roman gladiolus was considered as a symbol for internal integrity and generosity, whenever they won a war gladiolus flowers were gifted as it was known for representing strength of character and honest

 How many seasons do gladiolus bloom? and Why do gladiolus stop blooming?

Depending upon geographic area and species of flower, it blooms for about 2 weeks .It can stop growing because of lack of sun, try to cut big tress which are blocking sunlight .They can also easily grown in pots ,which you can put near a window.

· Gladiolus height and further information:Genus Name: Gladiolus

Height: 3 to 6 feet

Width : 1 to 2 foot

Flower color: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Foliage color: Blue/Green.

· How to grow gladiolus:

We found 200 species till now, and only a mere handful of them are the foundation plants for plantation .

· Poppy flower:

Poppy flower is also an august birth is a flowering plant. Poppy flower is also drive from latin language, Poppy flowers refers to a type of flower known for its bright, delicate petals. Poppies are also rich with symbolism, representing sleep, peace, and death .They are mostly given when someone dies because it is a symbol of death and sleep. People that are born in august also have a poppy flower for their birth flower.

· What does poppy stand for?

Poppy has stood for the Remembrance symbol for over 100 years. After world war one it is remembered as a symbol of peace.

     · What is unique about poppies?

Poppy flowers come in almost all colors and have markings on them.

· Further information about Poppies:

Size:1 to 1.5 meters

Width:12 to 24 inches

Flower Colour: Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White

Foliage Color:Blue/Green, Gray/Silver

Species of poppies: 250 species

· Growth of poppy :

Poppies can grow within almost 120 days.:

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