DIY Tips to Reduce Radon Levels

Reduce Radon Levels

Reduce Radon So, Your suspicion turned out to be quite correct that your house’s radon level has increased to a dangerous extent? It’s time to take action immediately as it increases the risk of developing lung cancer. As per the survey, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in North America.

It’s important to understand here that radon exists in the air, it is the gas that comes from rocks and soil. Therefore, there is no way to stop it from existing in the environment, and even your home. However, you can smartly bring down the level and make it less harmful. Fortunately, there are a million ways to reduce the radon level. What’s more worth knowing is that you do not even need to be a professional to bring down the radon level. However, you do need a professional to test the level.

Want to know how you can bring down the radon level of your house? Here are a few tips to reduce the radon level at home without any help;

Reducing radon with a vent pipe and a fan

Most experts agree that the vent pipe and the fan are the most effective and quickest way of reducing radon levels at home. Therefore, you have to try installing the vent pipe and the fan as well. The vent pipe and the fan would balance the level out by pulling the radon from your house and spreading it to the environment.

Reducing radon level by sealing foundation cracks

Foundation cracks are the major cause of many issues, including increasing the radon level of the house. Examine the foundation of the house and spot the cracks. Take an Epoxy sealer and seal the cracks immediately to be able to notice a major drop in the radon level of the house. You need to know that you can use other sealants to seal the foundation vents as well. However, using an Epoxy sealer is recommended.

Reducing the radon level by installing a permanent fan

The basement and the crawl spaces are the two places in the house where radon collects. Install a permanent fan in these places blowing outside. It will surely make a big difference in the house’s radon level.

Reducing the radon level by increasing the airflow in the house

Increasing the airflow can also work wonders in bringing down the radon level of the house. To increase the airflow, fortunately, you do not even have to do much or spend a penny. Simply open the windows, and vents, and turn the fans on, the increased airflow will reduce the radon level and make your house safe to breathe in. You can radon testing Maryland for confirmation and reduction.

In brief, it is important to test and reduce the radon level of the house as it causes lung cancer. You can reduce the level by installing the vent pipe, a permanent fan in the basement and crawl spaces, sealing the foundation cracks with Epoxy sealer, and by opening windows and vents.

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