Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated

We have used Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated for decades to handle the arrangements for our loved ones. Over the years, they have provided excellent, professional service for generations of families. We have even had members of the military use their funeral service services. Read on to learn more about the basic services offered by Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated. You will also find information about their Military services and location. We highly recommend Whitsell’s to friends and family.

Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated offers basic cremation

If you’re looking for a basic cremation service, look no further than Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated. Not only is this funeral home located in the heart of the city, but they also maintain beautiful grounds and specialize in funeral services for all religious and ethnic groups. This family-owned business also offers funeral service flags for those who are residing in military families. They can guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate urn and other funeral service details. The funeral directors at Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated will walk you through the process of arranging a memorial service for a loved one.

Basic grief support

At Whitsell Funeral Home, we understand that a loved one’s death is a difficult and emotional time. Our staff offers support, compassion, and information to assist grieving families through the funeral process. We also help you choose an urn and military funeral service flags. We guide you through the process, and provide you with the agreement for the funeral service. If you need additional help, we can also help you find a grief support group.

Military funeral service services

When a member of the military dies, family members may choose to honor them with a military funeral service. In many cases, the service member’s family will be the one to choose the readings. Whether a family member is a clergy or lay person, the funeral director can help plan the honors. There are also options for military burial at national cemeteries, such as the National Cemetery Administration.

In addition to a two-person uniformed detail, additional funeral honors elements may be included, such as a rifle volley, color guard, pallbearers, or a military flyover. If you choose this option, trained volunteers may augment the service. Depending on the circumstances, volunteers can serve as pallbearers or assist with other elements of the funeral process. If you want a military funeral service, Whitsell Funeral Home Incorporated is the perfect place to choose.

To request military funeral honors, you’ll need to contact a military funeral service. The DOD program is called “Honoring Those Who Served.” Public Law 106-65 requires that eligible Veterans receive a military funeral service, which includes folding the burial flag and playing “Taps.” According to the law, a military funeral service detail consists of at least two uniformed individuals from the veteran’s service.


Located in Morganfield, KY, the Whitsell Funeral Home is a part of the Death Care Services Industry. It has six employees and generates $481,685 in annual sales. There are 2 corporate families associated with the company. Below are its estimated contacts and principals. We have not verified their accuracy, but we have provided their contact information for reference purposes only. For further information, please visit their website. Listed below are the addresses and phone numbers of Whitsell Funeral Home Inc.

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