Weather in Mountain Home, Idaho

The weather in Mountain Home is relatively consistent throughout the year. You can expect around 12 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow each year. You can expect 210 days of sunshine and 71 days with precipitation. Read on to learn more about the average weather in Mountain Home, Idaho. To help you plan your trip, here are the top things to do in Mountain Home. You can also find out when the city’s snow is most likely.

Months of the year in Mountain Home

Monthly weather patterns in Mountain Home Idaho show a fairly consistent pattern. Winter is typically cold, with average daily highs below 46degF. The wettest month is December, with 61mm2.4in of precipitation recorded during that month. In addition, the average monthly temperature ranges from 21.7degC to 81.8degC, a difference of 1.3degC from one month to the next.

The wettest months of the year in Mountain Home are November and December. These months have a higher chance of precipitation than other months. On average, December has the most days with rain, with 6.9 days averaging at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. On the other hand, the drier months of the year are June 4 to October 23. For this region of Idaho, August has the lowest chance of precipitation and drier conditions.

Despite its dry climate, Mountain Home, ID enjoys three comfortable months. The average temperature is 70 degrees, and temperatures tend to stay below 85deg during the warmer months. If you’re looking for cheap bus tickets from Andes, NY, Greyhound has cheap bus fares to Mountain Home, ID. Then, there’s no shortage of ways to get to this region. It’s just a few clicks away with cheap bus tickets to Mountain Home.

There’s little to worry about in Mountain Home, ID, US. Temperatures in the area are generally safe, with no travel warnings or advisories in effect. In addition, snow is uncommon, so the city’s temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. However, the city is home to several National Natural Landmarks. The Crater Rings, located about a mile east of town, is a World Heritage Site.

Days with the most rain

The coldest month in Mountain Home is December. The average daily high temperature is below 46 degrees. During the coldest month in Mountain Home, the probability of precipitation is 3.3%. The length of the day in Mountain Home varies greatly throughout the year. The shortest day in Mountain Home is eight hours and twenty-one minutes, while the longest day is sixteen hours and twenty-four minutes. There are many reasons why this city has such a low probability of rain.

The typical weather in Mountain Home is based on a statistical analysis of hourly weather reports and model reconstructions. Currently, there are five weather stations near Mountain Home that contribute to this climate indicator. The records from these stations are adjusted for differences in elevation and the relative change in MERRA-2 data. The data used in Mountain Home are also corrected for the relative change in the position of the Sun between the two stations.

The wettest month in Mountain Home is December, followed by August. The driest month is July, with only 71 days of precipitation in this time period. Fortunately, the wettest season is short – only 7.4 months in total, with only 30.7 inches of precipitation in the entire year. Mountain Home also experiences a drier season, lasting from June 4 to October 23, and the driest month is August.

The average daily temperature in Mountain Home, Idaho, is approximately thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest month is June, with a high of 86 degrees and a low of sixty degrees. It’s important to note that Mountain Home receives more rain in December than it does in any other month. However, the wettest month in Mountain Home, Idaho is December, with an average of 61 mm of rain per day.

Days with the least snow

If you’re planning to spend winter in Mountain Home, Idaho, the months with the lowest snowfall are July, August, and September. The days with the least precipitation occur during early July and late September. The wettest months are spring and fall, when the area receives up to 37% of the city’s precipitation. In addition, there are about seventy-one days with no precipitation during the winter.

The cold season in Mountain Home lasts for 3.1 months and average daily temperatures below 46degF. The coldest month is December, when temperatures are on average 23degF and the highest high is 36degF. The average number of days with snow in Mountain Home varies from eight hours and fifty-nine minutes to over twenty-three hours in February. Daylength in Mountain Home varies significantly, ranging from eight to fifteen hours.

The average temperature in Mountain Home is around thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit (34degC) and reaches as high as twenty-eight degrees in the summer. The city receives an average of 390 mm (15.4 inches) of precipitation per year. The wettest month is December, with an average of 61 mm (2.4 inches) of precipitation. The temperature in Mountain Home averages twenty-seven degrees in July and eighteen degrees in February.

In addition to the weather index, you can also find the days when there is the least snowfall in Mountain Home, Idaho. The highest amounts of snowfall in Mountain Home occur in early January and late February. The wettest months are February, March, and December, while the driest months are July and August. You can see all of Mountain Home’s weather data here and find out what month the snowiest months are.

Days with the most cloudy conditions

Mountain Home is experiencing mixed weather for the next 14 days, with maximum temperatures around 27degC on Sun 01 and lowest temperatures around 2degC on Fri 29. The month of May is expected to be the wettest, with temperatures reaching as high as 28degC on Tuesday 26th. On Thursday 21st, the area is likely to experience the most precipitation with wind speeds of 49 kmph. For more information about the weather in Mountain Home, United States, visit our climate guide.

Mountain Home’s cloudiest season is from October 13 to June 9, with a greater than 14% chance of rain during this time. The wettest month is December, with an average of 6.9 days with at least 0.04 inches of rainfall on these days. The drier season lasts from June 4 to October 23. The driest month is August, with only two days in March with precipitation at all.

Days with the most cloudy conditions in Mountain Home, Idaho are considered to be overcast. There is a low probability of precipitation, with the average day being about 57% cloudy. Mountain Home has a moderately humid climate, with temperatures ranging from 70degF to 91degF. The humidity level in Mountain Home varies greatly throughout the year, but it is generally very comfortable during July and August.

During the winter months, we experience an inversion. A high-pressure ridge forms in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months. When this high-pressure ridge forms early in the year, the temperature in the Pacific Northwest rises rapidly and leaves the cold air in the plains. This means that our area will see mostly clear skies on these days, but the air temperature in the plains will remain below freezing.

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