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You may be wondering how to find the prices for volzke funeral home in Seward, Nebraska. This article provides information on this funeral home and what it has to offer. You will also discover its locations and employees. Continue reading to learn more about this funeral home. We’ve listed below a few things you should know before you make a decision. They are listed in alphabetical order. We have also included a brief overview of their services.

Prices for volzke funeral home

Volzke Memorials is a service that allows families to design a custom memorial. The funeral home represents the Sunburst Memorial Granite Company and displays full-size granite monuments. The service also offers a design studio for custom memorials. Prices for Volzke funeral home vary. To determine which price is right for your family, call the funeral home to discuss your options. A representative will be happy to meet with you to discuss your wishes.

In the showroom at Volzke Memorials, you can view top-quality memorials. The space is comfortable and well-lit, and the staff is courteous and professional. Jeff, the owner, focuses on details. His attention to detail is exemplary. You can be confident that you’ll receive the highest quality memorial at a price you can afford. During the viewing of memorials at Volzke Memorials, you’ll also learn about discounts available to you.

Prices for Volzke Funeral Home include cremation services, burial services, and custom-made granite memorial markers. The funeral home also offers a vault display and private chapel seating for 170. The website also provides resources to help you plan the funeral. For more information on Volzke Funeral Home, visit their website. You can also call the funeral home to make arrangements. They are located at 416 Highway S, Seward.

Location of volzke funeral home in Seward, Nebraska

When searching for a memorial service in Seward, Nebraska, you may notice a lot of options. Volzke Funeral Home and Volzke Memorials both offer memorial services, but there are a few things that stand out. Volzke Memorials has its own studio where families can design and order a custom memorial. Volzke is a representative of the Sunburst Memorial Granite Company, so it offers a wide selection of full-size granite monuments to choose from.

The Volzke Funeral Home in Seward, NE is located at 431 Main Street. There are three employees who work there. All three are licensed to provide funeral services. The funeral home is open for visitations, and the family is encouraged to stop by to see the funeral home and see the services firsthand. It will be a pleasure to serve your family and friends. It is located in the town center, but you may want to call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Deroyce Volzke opened the first Volzke Mortuary in Seward, Nebraska, in 1972. He was the sole owner of the business until 1994, when his son Jeff joined the business as a funeral director. He eventually took over the business after Deroyce retired in 2016. Currently, Volzke Mortuary is the only funeral home in Seward County and remains family owned and operated for over 48 years.

Services offered by volzke funeral home in Seward, Nebraska

Volzke Memorials is an on-site studio where families can design a custom memorial. A representative of Sunburst Memorial Granite Company, Volzke memorials display an expansive collection of full size granite monuments. Volzke also works closely with a local granite manufacturer to create monuments of a variety of styles and materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern, or rustic memorial, Volzke has what you are looking for.

Located in Seward, Volzke Funeral Home was established in 1972 by Deroyce Volzke. Until 1994, he operated the funeral home alone. In 1994, his son Jeff Volzke joined him as a funeral director, and the business became Volzke Funeral Home. In 2016, Jeff took over the business from his father and is now its sole proprietor. The Volzke Funeral Home is the only local funeral home owned and operated by the same family for over 48 years.

Kirsten grew up in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She married Jeff in 1993 at St. John Lutheran Church in Seward, Nebraska, and began working at Volzke Funeral Home. In 1996, she was named administrative assistant, and Jaden joined the business soon after. Jaden is currently studying to become a funeral director, and hopes to become a licensed funeral director in the near future.

Employees at volzke funeral home

When it comes to arranging a memorial service for a loved one, there are several things you should know about Volzke Funeral Home. Unlike many other funeral homes, Volzke offers different packages to meet your needs. These are prices that are estimates only. Volzke’s showroom offers top-quality memorials. The place is clean and well-lit, and staff members are very professional and pay attention to detail.

The Volzke Funeral Home in Seward, Nebraska, was established in 1972 by Deroyce Volzke. He was the sole owner until 1994, when his son, Jeff, joined him as funeral director. After his father retired, Jeff Volzke took over the company and continued its tradition of a family-run business. Today, Volzke Funeral Home is the only funeral home in Seward County run by the same family.

Annual sales of volzke funeral home

Volzke Funeral Home in Seward, Nebraska was started by Deroyce Volzke in 1972. Until his retirement in 2016, he operated the funeral home as a sole operator. He later teamed up with his son Jeff Volzke to become the funeral home’s owner and chief executive officer. As a result, Volzke Funeral Home is now the only family owned funeral home in Seward County.

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