The Everidge Funeral Home Has a New Owner

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Larry and Emmitt Everidge opened the Everidge Funeral Home in 1939, but recently decided to sell. They felt it was time to pass the family business on to a new generation. They chose Jerome Hatton because he shared their values, character, and morals. He embodies the Everidge community and its values. In addition to being a local resident, Jerome possesses the necessary business experience and a personal touch.

Jerome HattonJerome Hatton

A new owner has taken over Jerome Hatton, Everidge Funeral Homes. The family has been in business for three generations and Jerome brings a new perspective to the funeral service industry. Jerome is a licensed embalmer and funeral director and the son of Larry Hatton. He grew up in Whitco and graduated from Whitesburg High School, where he played football on the regional championship team. The family hopes that Jerome will continue the legacy that his father started, while bringing a new generation of people to the funeral service business.

He is survived by his wife, Judy Greene, of Bean Station, Tennessee, and two daughters, Tabatha Hatton of Ashland, Ohio, and Kevin Greene and his wife, Kelly Greene, of Frankfort. His daughter Tabatha Hatton and her husband Kevin Greene will serve as executors for the funeral. They will be able to give the funeral service that Johnny Emory Greene deserved.

Larry EveridgeLarry Everidge

After a long and successful career in the funeral business, Larry and Emmitt Everidge decided that it was time to pass the torch to their son, Jerome Hatton. As the son of Larry Everidge, Jerome embodies the family’s values and morals. As the funeral director of the Everidge Funeral Home, he is devoted to preserving the legacy of the family’s service in the community.

For more information, visit the funeral home’s website. It offers a general price list and is the oldest continuously-operating funeral home in letcher county. It is also located in the solomon h. cemetery. It is available for all types of funeral services. You can visit the funeral home at 102 Main St, Whitesburg, KY. You can contact the funeral home for more information about their services. The funeral home’s website is available to update.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you please consider lighting a candle in honor of Larry Everidge. He will be greatly missed by his wife, son, daughter, and grandson. Additionally, he will be remembered by his many friends and family. Please consider this in 2006.

Jerome GreeneJerome Greene

After many years in the industry, Larry and Emmitt Greene decided to pass on the business to their son, Jerome Greene. The new owner will add his own personal touch to the funeral home while keeping the family tradition and community values. He will be available to answer any questions and to assist in a time of grief, along with his son, Larry. Listed below are some of Greene’s accomplishments.

Harlie Greene, 83, passed away peacefully on March 31, 2019. He was a loving husband and father. He was married to Judy Greene and they had two daughters, Ashley and Megan. He also had two grandchildren, Heather Lee Thompson and James Andrew Thompson. Kevin Greene and Mallory Greene. His great-grandchildren include Jace, Andrew, Knox, Elijah, and Morgan.

Options for entombment in a mausoleumOptions for entombment in a mausoleum

While ground burial is the traditional burial option for most people, a burial in a mausoleum is an option available. These structures are built above ground, and are generally made of granite or marble. They can also accommodate multiple people. Many families choose this option because it has religious or family ties. At the Everidge funeral home, we will walk you through the process of entombment.

In modern times, entombments are made in public mausoleums, also called community mausoleums. A mausoleum is a building that contains crypts or niches. The crypts and niches are the final resting places for casketed or cremated remains. A mausoleum building can accommodate individual entombments, or those of a couple or entire family.

In a mausoleum, you can choose from two types of burial: side-by-side or true companion entombment. A public mausoleum is a large cemetery that serves many unrelated individuals. A private mausoleum, on the other hand, is a small cemetery that is exclusively for the entombed members of a family.

A cemetery is an important part of a funeral home’s services, and an enshrinement in a mausoleum is a fitting option for some individuals. A plot in a cemetery may come with additional fees for endowment care, opening and closing, and recording. Typically, cremated remains are entombed in a crypt. Disposition involves placing the remains in their final resting place. Cremated remains must be disposed of properly and a Permit for Disposition must be filed with the local registrar.

Staff at everidge funeral homeStaff at everidge funeral home

Larry and Emmitt Everidge purchased the Everidge Funeral Home in 1986. As one of the oldest businesses in Letcher County, they have been serving their communities for three generations. The funeral home has remained committed to its values of professionalism, dignity and caring. Founded in 1936, it has been owned and operated by men of solid character. That doesn’t mean that they have changed their values, however, and they continue to serve the community with the same high level of service.

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