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Slate Funeral Home is a community-oriented business with a long-standing commitment to serving the people of the neighborhood. They offer funeral services of all types and accept pre-need donations. The staff at Slate Funeral Home is available to help guide you through etiquette and personalizing your loved one’s memorial. They can help you choose burial sites and direct people to their cemetery. The staff at Slate Funeral Home can help you tell your loved one’s life story and plan a meaningful funeral service. You may even want to consider pre-planning your loved one’s funeral so that his legacy is protected.

Slate Funeral Home is a funeral homeSlate Funeral Home is a funeral home

Slate Funeral Home Inc. provides a General Price List that outlines the prices of the many services they offer. This list includes everything from visitation to full funeral services. There is also the option of choosing a military funeral. If you choose to have a military funeral, the funeral home will fold the flag for you, present it to the family, and play Taps. This option is free of charge and will allow you to plan ahead of time.

The price listed is a guideline. These prices are current as of the date of publication, but may change. To ensure you’re getting the most accurate pricing, contact the funeral home directly. You can also ask about any special discount packages they offer. The following are some of the most popular funeral options at Slate Funeral Home. You may be surprised at what you can find! You may even be able to get an exclusive discounted price if you use the discount code listed below.

Slate Funeral Home offers free WiFi to Stokes County schoolchildren. However, when it first announced this initiative in the spring, the school did not attract any students. In the future, however, the funeral home hopes to dispel the stereotypes that surround a funeral home. They hope to make it an educational experience for the students, as well as dismantle some of the negative stigmas about them. And if you are one of those students, the funeral home is open to serving you in any way possible.

If you’re planning a funeral in King, NC, you’ve come to the right place. The Slate Funeral Home provides well-maintained grounds and caring, professional service. It specializes in basic cremation, custom funerals, and grief support. Their team will guide you through the entire process, including the casket and memorial service choices. You can even use the memorial to create a lasting legacy.

It offers a variety of funeral servicesIt offers a variety of funeral services

Slate Funeral Home has been serving the community for many years. Whether a loved one was buried in a grave or cremated, you can choose a variety of funeral services at this place. Their staff is knowledgeable about burial etiquette and can guide family members through the process of eulogy, as well as guide them to cemeteries and memorials. They can even help you design an individual tribute for your loved one. If you have not already, you can always pre-plan a funeral with the funeral home.

If you want to have a memorial service in place of the burial, Slate Funeral Home can help you with that, too. In addition to offering traditional memorial services, you can also have a full funeral service at the home. Military funerals are also a specialty of this place. You can even have a two-person flag folding ceremony, followed by the playing of Taps. These are just a few of the many services offered by Slate Funeral Home.

The funeral industry is heavily regulated. There are federal and local laws that govern the handling of bodily fluids and the quality of caskets ordered online. Religious tradition is tightly woven into the process of grieving. Nevertheless, many older people are hesitant to adopt new technologies into their funerals. For example, funeral directors in Chandler, Arizona, offer a four-step cremation service that can be started with a single phone call. Other innovative practices include the use of user-friendly online design tools. Funeral directors can also accept orders online for floral arrangements and coffins.

Slater Funeral Home opened in 1998. It serves the South Hills area of Pittsburgh and the Monongahela Valley. The area includes Clairton, Elizabeth, Elrama, and West Elizabeth. The Slater Funeral Home provides competitively-priced cremations for local families. The funeral home provides a full array of services for families of all faiths. It also serves families of all ages and is dedicated to providing specialized funeral services.

It accepts pre-need donationsIt accepts pre need donations

If you are looking for a place to make memorial donations in lieu of flowers, Slate Funeral Home in King offers several options. A pre-need plan allows you to record your final wishes for the funeral, lock in current pricing, and plan in a stress-free environment. Pre-need plans are fully transferable. To learn more, contact the funeral home today. For more information, visit

It has 9 employeesIt has 9 employees

Slate Funeral Home Inc. has nine employees and is part of the Death Care Services industry in King, NC. The company has a sales volume of $141,823, which is higher than the national average. The firm has nine employees and is headquartered in King. The number of employees at Slate Funeral Home is estimated to be nine, but it is still a large company with a lot to offer. Listed below are the estimated principals and contacts of Slate Funeral Home Inc.

Slate Funeral Home provides beautiful grounds for your loved one’s funeral service. The staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about funeral etiquette. The staff can also help you select the proper casket and urn, as well as guide you through military memorial services and veteran burial flags. They can also help you customize a memorial that is unique to your loved one, which may not be possible with other funeral homes.

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