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sammons funeral home

Sammons Funeral Home opened in Soperton, GA in January 1917. With over thirty years of experience, the caring staff strives to provide exceptional service at this sensitive time. Each funeral service is tailored to the specific wishes of the family, and they are proud of the longstanding relationships they have formed with the local community. They also have a cemetery on the property. Read on to learn more about this local business. We hope you find this article helpful.

Kauber Sammons Funeral Home is owned by Kauber SammonsKauber Sammons Funeral Home is owned by Kauber Sammons

When it comes to planning a memorial service, you don’t have to worry about finding a place that will be able to handle everything. The funeral home in Patskala, Ohio, provides a wide range of funeral services and cremation options for all kinds of needs. The staff at Kauber-Fraley Funeral Home will treat you and your loved one with dignity and respect.

The Pataskala, Ohio, funeral home is located in Licking County. This funeral home serves the surrounding communities and companies, including Victorias Secret, Eddie Bauer Co., Whitehall, State Farm Insurance, Canal Whchstr, and the State Departments of Ohio. There are also seven employees at this location, so if you’re in need of funeral services in the area, consider this funeral home.

The family of Michael R. Whitcraft has announced that they will have a memorial service for him at the funeral home on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Mike was born and raised in Cambridge, Ohio, and was a proud employee of Columbus Auto Parts. His wife, Rose Marie, and brother, Nelson A. Smith, died of natural causes in 1990. Her sister, Gaylynne Landon, lives in Ohio. Her two daughters, her husband, and her niece and nephew will attend his memorial service.

The funeral home is owned by Charles W. Kauber. He worked for a number of high-profile companies. He was an entrepreneur who worked for large corporations. In addition to being a funeral director, he also worked for the City of Columbus. The funeral home also offers competitive cremation services. The funeral home serves Johnstown, PA. And if you’re looking for cremation, look no further.

It is a full service funeral homepexels photo 4239035

A full service funeral home is an excellent choice for those who want their loved one’s service to be personal, understanding, and professional. These funeral homes are required by law to provide general pricing information upon request. They also strive to make the entire funeral planning process as painless as possible. However, you may want to do some shopping around beforehand to find the best value. Here are some tips to help you find the best value:

A full-service funeral home provides everything from a viewing to final burial, and includes an entire chapel and preparation facility. Services may include embalming and dressing the deceased, as well as refrigeration and a funeral service. Many full-service funeral homes also offer catered receptions and meals of condolence. Unlike smaller, local funeral homes, full-service establishments will usually have a funeral director, as well as a funeral student intern to help you with the arrangements.

Direct burial is a simpler method of cremation. The remains are buried directly following death, without embalming. Alternatively, a memorial service can be held at the graveside. Direct burials are less expensive than full-service funerals, but include basic services like transportation. You’ll also have to purchase an urn or burial container. Some funeral homes also charge additional fees for services such as a memorial service or graveside ceremony.

Choosing a funeral home with the right services can be difficult, but the right one will make the process easier. With the help of funeral homes, you can compare prices and select the service that will be most meaningful to you and your family. You can even choose a cremation or casket burial at a funeral home online. And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

It is located at Main Street West in Soperton, GAIt is located at Main Street West in Soperton GA

Founded in 1917, Sammons Funeral Home has been providing service in the Soperton community for decades. The staff at Sammons has a combined 30 years of experience, and each employee maintains a personal interest in the town and the people who live in it. Sammons is dedicated to taking care of every detail during this difficult time, and customizes services to reflect the wishes of the family. The company’s caring staff sincerely appreciates the relationships it has built throughout the years with local families.

The funeral home began in January 1917. Willie W. Sammons purchased a stock of caskets from Charlie Peterson, who was selling his hardware business. In 1917, Mr. Sammons opened his first funeral home location in Soperton, housing the caskets in the store’s downtown building. Families would come to the town to pick out a casket, then transport it home with a two-horse wagon. By 1919, Mr. Sammons purchased his first hearse, which allowed the funeral home to begin transporting caskets to homes and churches.

Sammons Funeral Home is located at Main St. West in Soperton, GA. If you need directions to the funeral home, check the map below. The address is in Soperton, GA, but the contact information may not be the same as the real business information in D&B Hoovers. You can contact Glenn Powell directly to find out more about Sammons Funeral Home.

Located on Main Street West, Sammons Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services. From basic cremation to traditional funerals, they have it all. Even personalized memorials are available to families with a special request. The Sammons Funeral Home staff will work with you and your family to ensure your loved one’s life is remembered with honor and dignity. Soperton, GA, has the service to make it special.

It has a cemetery on its groundsIt has a cemetery on its grounds

The Sammons Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated establishment in Soperton, Iowa. Since its founding in January 1917, the staff at the Soperton location has over thirty years of combined experience and continues to maintain a personal interest in the community. This local family-run business is dedicated to handling every detail of a time of grief, tailoring services to the individual needs and wishes of each family. The staff values the many relationships built over the years and takes pride in the personal attention it gives to each family.

Whether you’re looking for an above ground or an in-ground burial, Sammons Funeral Home is an excellent choice for your burial needs. You can compare Sammons Cemetery to other cemeteries in the Funerals360 vendor marketplace to determine the right fit for your loved one’s memorial. The funeral home is able to accommodate any needs, whether they’re religious, cultural, or personal. Many cemeteries also have options for interment for cremated remains, or even have green burial grounds for eco-friendly ashes.

The cemetery has a rich history and was once home to a black slave, Mary Hemings. In 1853, Jesse Scott Sammons became a free man. He attended the Jefferson School in Charlottesville, becoming the principal of the first African-American high school in Albemarle County. In the 1880s, he ran for a seat in the Virginia General Assembly. In addition to holding state-level office in the Baptist church, Sammons also served as the pastor of the Albemarle Baptist Church. He died in 1901 and is buried on land near the south fork of Ivy Creek.

The Maury Cemetery is a historic cemetery located on a plantation in Piedmont, Virginia. More than 70 slaves were owned by the Maury family. Today, the ground has been preserved by the University of Virginia. The cemetery is very different from what it looked like during the era of enslavement, with some headstones removed or defaced. Despite this, Sammons Funeral Home is committed to maintaining the historic value of the cemetery.

It charges a fee for a burial vaultIt charges a fee for a burial vault

You might be wondering if a funeral home that charges a fee for a burial vault is ethical. It is important to understand that this type of container is not required by state law. Some cemeteries, however, do require an outer container to protect the grave from sinking. A grave liner, on the other hand, is not designed to keep out debris and eventually decompose human remains. So how can a funeral provider justify charging consumers for a burial vault?

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