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A large viewing room, personalized memorial urns, and a family owned business are among the many services offered by Rudd Funeral Home. This Blissfield, Michigan, funeral home is the perfect choice for a loved one. The Rudd Funeral Home has been serving the local community since 1903.

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Rudd Funeral Home is located in Blissfield, Michigan. The funeral home was established in 1997 by Arin Rudd, who grew up in Deerfield, Michigan. Previously, he worked at another local funeral home. Many first-generation funeral directors are deeply devoted to their jobs and see their work as a ministry to others. Through this funeral home, Arin Rudd has been able to reintroduce his service to families in the community.

If you want to keep the funeral cost down, you may want to consider cremation. Rudd Funeral Home has cremation services for a competitive price. You can also choose from various types of urns, including personalized urns. The family-owned business encourages you to plan your funeral well in advance to reduce costs. You can read obituaries and service information on their website to get a better idea of the services available.

The Rudd Funeral Home is a locally-owned, family-operated business. Its new location is in the former Bear Country Food and Fuel Station on Main Street. The owners renovated the building and added a large viewing room that doubles as an intimate funeral chapel. The new facility offers a warm, inviting environment that honors the memory of those who loved them. Rudd Funeral Home, LLC has been in business for seven years and has two locations in Utah. It has a staff of two across its locations and generates a total of $289,941 in sales per year.

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Located in Garland, UT, Rudd Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services and competitively priced cremations. The firm also offers pre-planning options and an extensive selection of caskets, vaults, and urns. Whether you choose a traditional or eco-friendly casket, Rudd Funeral Home can meet your needs. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide any information you might need.

The family-owned Rudd Funeral Home is located in Garland, Utah. Located in the Bear Country Food and Fuel Station on Main Street, the facility was built as a satellite location of the Rogers and Taylor funeral home. Rudd offers traditional funeral services, cremation, and memorial services, and viewings for friends and family. Rudd Funeral Home can accommodate the needs of any size family and can help you find a meaningful memorial to honor your loved one.

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The viewing room at the Rudd Funeral Home has plenty of space for family members and friends to gather together. It can be used as a smaller chapel, too. This space has been designed so that a large viewing can also double as a smaller funeral chapel. The large viewing room also allows families to share more private moments with their loved one. The new, spacious facility has welcoming decor. The family members can also enjoy watching the service from the viewing room.

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When it comes to memorial urns, personalization can make the final choice a little more meaningful. Choosing the right one will depend on the place the urn will be placed, and whether the cremated remains will be scattered or buried. The Rudd funeral home offers many choices for urns, including niches for burial and scattering, and keepsakes for storing ashes.

When selecting a memorial urn, consider the type of design you want. Some funeral homes offer a large variety of options, so you may not find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re choosing a more simple design, consider choosing one with a smaller number of engravings. Personalizing a urn is a thoughtful way to honor the life of a loved one.

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The Rudd Funeral Home in Garland announces the passing of Carrie Widdison. She was 42 years old when she passed away. The funeral home coordinates arrangements with the cemetery on her behalf. The cemetery is located in Deweyville, UT. The Rudd Funeral Home coordinates arrangements with the cemetery. The cemetery has the option to have the service at a cemetery of the deceased’s choice.

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