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Robert Rhodes, son-in-law of the Trents, started working at the Trent Funeral Home in 1965. Later, he was joined by his wife Linda and daughter, Linda. After Robert started working at the funeral home, he remained there until his retirement in 1992. He helped his father and grandfather, who owned the business since 1945, in a variety of capacities. Here are some of the benefits of working with Robert Rhodes and his family.

Traditional funeralsTraditional funerals

If you are planning a traditional funeral, you can go to Trent-Dowell Funeral Home, which is in Hardinsburg, KY. They offer several funeral service options, from burial to cremation, and their prices are competitive. While the hours of operation are subject to change, they strive to provide you with the most accurate information. Read on for more information. And be sure to check back often, as the hours of operation can change.

The grounds of Trent-Dowell Funeral Home are beautiful and well maintained. The funeral home specializes in traditional funerals and non-traditional cremation. There are also several options for military memorial services, including veteran burial flags. The staff at Trent-Dowell Funeral Home will help you through all the details of the funeral service, including selecting an urn. They can also provide local lodging for your family.

Simple cremationSimple cremation

A simple cremation at Trent-Dowell Funeral Home is a common and affordable way to celebrate the life of a loved one. There are several services to choose from and a variety of options available. A family can choose the type of service that fits their wishes the best. The funeral home’s staff can assist you in planning the service. You may contact them directly to discuss a personalized cremation plan.

The grounds are kept peacefully. You can have a traditional funeral service, simple cremation, military memorial service, and grief support at Trent-Dowell. They can even help you choose the appropriate urn for the service. They will also provide a veteran burial flag if you request one. Additionally, they will guide you through the entire process of planning a funeral service. This includes local lodging and professional services.

Once all of the necessary paperwork has been completed, the body will be placed into a cremation chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is around 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is high enough to ensure complete incineration within two hours. During the cremation process, bones and other body parts are reduced to a dense sand-like material. Those metal pieces that aren’t melted by the heat are removed using a magnet. The cremated remains are then transferred to an urn or temporary container.

The cost of a traditional cremation may be too high. Many families may want to opt for a simple cremation because it is less costly. Cremation also allows families more time to plan a memorial service. The cremation process also occupies less space than a traditional burial, and therefore, allows you to hold a service in a location where space is limited. Additionally, a cremation may be the only option if the deceased had limited health problems.

Telling your life storyTelling your life story

The history of Trent-Dowell Funeral Home dates back to 1918, when R.T. Dowell began selling caskets in his local mercantile store. It grew quickly and by 1930, the business was operated by K.F. Bickett. Although it has undergone several renovations over the years, the funeral home continues to operate from its original location. In 1949, J.H. Trent became a full-time employee of the funeral home. In 1957, his wife Libby joined the company and in 1971, they assumed ownership of Trent-Dowell Funeral Home.

At Trent-Dowell Funeral Home, you’ll be surrounded by peaceful grounds with well-maintained grounds. Their staff will guide you through the many aspects of the funeral service, from choosing an urn to the details of the service. There are also veterans’ burial flags and grief support services available. A staff of professional funeral workers will guide you through each step of the process. A personal, professional touch is the hallmark of this home.

Military memorial serviceMilitary memorial service

Trent Dowell Funeral Home provides a peaceful and well-maintained location for military and veteran funerals. The staff consists of fourth generation Rhodes family members, including Tim and Cindy Rhodes Bandy and Zach Bandy. They are dedicated to preserving the funeral home’s traditions and the history of Breckinridge County. You can choose from a wide variety of funeral service options, including traditional services.

Trent-Dowell Funeral Home can arrange for military honors for a service. A service will be held at the funeral home on March 9 at 11:00 AM. A Masonic service will follow the visitation. At the time of service, the family will receive friends, visit, and share memories of Larry. The funeral home also offers military-themed gift baskets. You can also order funeral flowers and other items directly from sellers.

Audrey C. Hamilton Talley, 90, of Hardinsburg, died January 25, 2019. She was a member of the Great Coastal Trucking Co. and a longtime member of the Hillcrest Golf Club. She was married to Darren Francis Haynes, a former member of the Presbyterian Church. His ashes will be interred at the National Military Cemetery in Lebanon. Arrangements for her funeral were handled by Trent-Dowell Funeral Home.

Depending on the Veteran’s branch of service, military funeral honors include the folding of the burial flag and playing of Taps. Two or more military members serve as pall bearers at the service. A military funeral honors detail will be requested by the family. The funeral home’s staff can also coordinate with the Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran’s organizations to perform military funeral honors. In some cases, the funeral home can arrange for military funeral honors in a VA national cemetery.

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