4 Air Conditioner Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

4 Air Conditioner Repair

So, the air conditioner stopped working again? It’s pretty annoying to call a professional and spend hundreds of dollars every other day to get it fixed. Why don’t you try fixing the minor issues yourself? Not sure whether you can repair an air conditioner or not? Well, you can. Here are the 4 tips that would be pretty helpful in repairing the air conditioner;

  • Check the breaker first
  • Clean your air conditioner thoroughly
  • Examine the ducts and thermostat
  • Melt the ice

Check the breaker first

Whenever the air conditioner refuses to work up to your expectations, know that it can happen because of a lot of reasons. If the air conditioner is pretty old and has been working without demanding any repairs, there can be a serious reason and i always go for my near ac repair in Leander tx.  However, if the air conditioner is new and all tuned up, the breaker might be causing the projector to fail to serve your needs. In both situations before expecting the worst, you should always check the breaker first. Most of the time the breaker trips because of the other appliances and lights. Therefore, go ahead and check the breaker immediately to know and fix the issue.

Clean your air conditioner thoroughly

The air conditioners get dirty all the time. Whenever the air conditioner gets dirty to a certain point, it fails to start and serve you. So, instead of attempting to repair the air conditioner some other way, try cleaning it thoroughly. Unplug the power switch and begin cleaning the fan blades and the rest of the stuff. Be very careful while cleaning the air conditioner as the blades and the fins are quite delicate. If you are not careful, the blades and fins might bend or even break.

Examine the ducts and thermostat

If the issue remains unresolved, you have to move ahead and check the ducts and thermostat. Climb into the attic and examine the ducts to see whether air is coming from them or not. There is a cursor check, you can examine it to know if the air is coming or not. If the air is not flowing outward, you have to clean it, or in any serious condition, you might have to call a professional.

If the air conditioner is battery-operated, you have to check the thermostat as well. Sometimes the air conditioners fail to work because of faulty or expired batteries. Therefore, examine the thermostat, if the batteries need to be replaced, replace them to have the air conditioner in the operational state again.

Melt the ice

An iced-up air conditioner is a common issue that leads to a lot of problems. It might be the common but easiest to fix the air conditioner issue. To fix this air conditioner this way, all you have to do is switch on the fan and let the ice melt properly. It will take a few minutes to hours, you can switch on the air conditioner once the ice melts and find the air conditioner will be in the optimal state again.

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