Please Go Home, Akutsu San

please go home akutsu san

The first part of “Please go home, Akutsu san!” revolves around Oyama, who lives by herself. When Akutsu begins to hang out with her after school, Oyama becomes flustered. She worries that Akutsu will stay with another guy, and Akutsu teases her and develops romantic feelings for her. Read the rest of this article to learn more about the characters in “Please Go Home, Akutsu san” and how their relationships develop.

Ooyama’s reaction to Riko Akutsu’s arrivaloyamas reaction to Riko Akutsus arrival

This manga follows the relationship between Ooyama and Akutsu, a teenage girl who is a delinquent and bunks with Ooyama. It is full of ecchi humor and revolves around the curvy figure of Akutsu. Ooyama begins to care for Akutsu, and later refuses to let her go out at night for fear of the sick freaks roaming the streets.

Riko Akutsu’s motherRiko Akutsus mother

The story of Please go home Riko Akutsus mother begins in the same manner as other teen novels: a girl who is a little lazy skips school because she doesn’t want to be in school. Likewise, the girls’ parents met under similar circumstances and got together. However, their relationship has not been perfect. Riko teases her and teases Ooyama for no apparent reason. While her landlord likes her, Riko abrasiveness and her loveless nature make her a little difficult to deal with.

The story is set in a small town in Japan. Akutsu is a notorious delinquent who boards into Ooyama’s apartment to avoid going home. This leads to romantic tension between the two. The two fall in love and the relationship between them grows stronger. Please go home, Akutsu-san! is a romantic comedy manga series by Japanese author Nagaoka Taichi.

Riko Akutsu’s short temperRiko Akutsus short temper

The most famous episode of the series concerns Riko Akutsu, a recurring character. She is a delinquent and bunks with her mom, Ooyama. Her curvy figure has become the focus of much of the ecchi humor in the series, and Ooyama comes to care for her, but Ooyama refuses to let Akutsu go out after dark for fear of sick freaks roaming the streets.

The recurring theme of Riko’s short temper has a double meaning. One aspect of his character is that he is a good partner for Reg, as he is a more experienced and wiser person than Reg. Reg lacks the cool head and knowledge of the Abyss that Riko has, and he often loses his mind when pressure is high. Riko is a good partner for Reg because he is capable of giving instruction and can handle pressure well.

Ooyama’s frustrationOoyamas frustration

Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! follows a delinquent, Akutsu, and their relationship. Initially, Akutsu is a troublemaker and bunks with Ooyama, but as time passes, Ooyama grows to care for Akutsu, and even begins to date her. However, Ooyama still won’t let Akutsu go out at night, fearful of sick freaks wandering the streets at night.

Ooyama is not used to dealing with delinquents in his class. But Akutsu-san has a habit of making his room her hangout. She likes to read manga in his room, and she also takes advantage of Ooyama’s snacks. However, she is not the only one who likes to annoy him. So, it is no wonder that Akutsu san tries to make the room her own.

Riko Akutsu’s abrasivenessRiko Akutsus abrasiveness

In the manga Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!, delinquent Riko Akutsu boards into the apartment of Kouta Ooyama. After some time, the two develop feelings for each other. The manga is a romantic comedy, written by Nagaoka Taichi. For more information, visit

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