Patrick T Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home was established in East Pittsburgh in 1905. At the time, the funeral service was conducted in Lanigan’s residence. The first Lanigan location was at 658 Linden Avenue in the Union Railroad Building. After Lanigan died in January 1929, his widow, Bridget O’Hara, decided to build a new funeral home on 700 Linden Avenue. Since then, the family has been providing exceptional service to the community.

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home

The professionals at Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. prioritize the most important details when planning a funeral. With over a century of experience in the local industry, Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. will help you plan a funeral or cremation that will be meaningful to you and your family. They will also assist you with the transfer of ashes to another state, offer a variety of funeral products, and assist with memorializing your loved one with military honors.

The Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is located at 1111 Monroeville Avenue, Turtle Creek, PA 15145. They have beautiful rooms to accommodate gatherings of any size. To make your event special, consider selecting one of the funeral packages offered by Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home. Find out more about the different options and packages available at this establishment. And be sure to read over their website to see what services they offer.

The Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home was founded in 1905 by John H. Lanigan, who could not have imagined the modern world we live in today. It would be hard for him to have imagined the use of indoor plumbing and radios, and the arrival of man on the moon. However, modern technology has made things easier for the Lanigan family. This is why they deserve a six star rating from Funeral Homes Direct.


Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. provides funeral and cremation services. Its dual-certified, eco-friendly crematory offers a variety of funeral products. In addition to cremation services, this local business offers ship-in and ship-out services to families worldwide. Funeral services are held at the funeral home or at the crematory. The funeral home is a community-focused business. Whether you live in a small town or a large city, Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is here to help.

While selecting a funeral home, consider several factors. Is the gathering space and seating sufficient? Does the funeral home offer technology? Is the decor appropriate? Will the family’s deceased loved one’s favorite music be played? If meal service is being offered, is there a dining room? These factors are crucial for the success of the memorial service. In addition, the staff will be attentive and courteous. If you’re arranging a memorial service, you may wish to contact the funeral home ahead of time to see if they provide this service.

When it comes to burying a loved one, the majority of cemeteries will offer a place for the cremated body. Some cemeteries even have niches for cremated remains in their mausoleums. Other ways to scatter the cremated remains include releasing them in the open or in a urn garden. Families can also choose to scatter the remains themselves. These options are also important to consider, as they are not necessarily traditional.


The Kirchner family first visits the funeral home after learning of their departed mother’s death. After a brief discussion, they settle on Lanigan. Kirchner starts to cry and removes her glasses to wipe away her tears. The funeral home staff walks Kirchner through the checklist for the funeral. Kirchner is saddened by what she has just learned. Lanigan offers to make changes to the service if requested. The Kirchner family chooses to have the service at Lanigan, a funeral home that offers services.

The funeral home’s history is interwoven with the local community. When Pat Lanigan first opened his doors in 1905, he could not have imagined what his patients would have access to today, such as indoor plumbing, televisions, and radios. At that time, he couldn’t have imagined men walking on the moon, cell phones, or computers. But his legacy lives on. Lanigan Funeral Home is a place where locals can come for a memorable service.

The funeral director at Lanigan Funeral Home, Bill Schleifer, wears a surgical gown and gloves. The room at Lanigan Funeral Home has shelves full of metal instruments, cabinets with fluids, and a walk-in closet filled with items. Schleifer is joined by Tracy Guerin, another Lanigan staff funeral director. Tracy Guerin cleanses Mrs. McNair with soap and water. She then makes incisions in Mrs. McNair’s neck and jugular vein.

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is located at 1111 Monroeville Ave., Turtle Creek, PA 15145. It offers various types of funeral services, including pre-planning services, cremation, and traditional funeral. The funeral home also offers military honors. You can also choose to hold a memorial service at Lanigan Funeral Home, Inc. based on the wishes of your family. The Lanigan family has been serving families of all faiths and backgrounds for over 100 years.


If you’re trying to find Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, you’ll need to know where it is located. This Columbus, Ohio funeral home is located on Monroeville Avenue. Moovit can provide you with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit stop to Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory. Moovit is a free transit app that can help you navigate anywhere in the world, and their directions feature live updates. You can also use Moovit’s free maps to get to Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory.

Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., is a local funeral home that primarily focuses on Funeral Directors. They are members of the National Funeral Directors Association and the Green Burial Council. They have been in business for more than 100 years and are dedicated to helping families make meaningful funeral and cremation decisions. They are also dual-certified by the Green Burial Council, which is an important indicator of how committed they are to the environment.

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