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If you have recently passed through Mundwiler, you may be wondering about the history of this place. Read on to find out about the staff, sales, and annual revenue. We’ll also touch on the employees and sales of the mundwiler funeral home. What’s their story? Here’s a closer look. And don’t forget to read the customer testimonials. We’ve compiled these for you!

History of the mundwiler funeral home

The Mundwiler family has owned the family funeral home since the 1950s. Today, Tim and Tana Mundwiler are the fourth generation to own and operate the funeral home. Their daughter, Melissa, has been a funeral director since 2006, and they are proud of the legacy that they have built over the years. The funeral home serves the community of Milbank, Minnesota, and a 35-mile radius. A horse-drawn hearse and team of horses are available for funeral services.

The business began as a mortuary when Orrie C. Mundwiler was an embalmer and funeral director at Schoen Furniture and Undertaking Company. In 1904, Orrie Mundwiler purchased the business from his partners, James Schoen and Arthur H. Sorenson. He later retired and continued to run the business with the help of his son. The funeral home is now named Mundwiler Furniture and Funeral Service.


The staff at Mundwiler Funeral Home in Milbank, SD is committed to providing customized funeral services and grief support. They are experienced in basic cremation, tradition funerals, and military memorial service services. They can guide families through all aspects of the funeral service, including selecting a urn and military memorial flags. They can also help families understand the cremation process and assist with funeral service agreements. To learn more about the services offered at Mundwiler Funeral Home, please contact the funeral home directly.


Since the early eighties, the Mundwiler Funeral Home in Milbank has been providing services to the families of the surrounding area. Owners Tim and Tana Mundwiler graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Mortuary Science and continued to operate the mortuary inside of the hardware store. Norm and Nancy acquired the business in 1983 from Carlton and Anne Moberg. The two have been married for over thirty years. In 2010, they retired. Today, the funeral home remains in the family.

Annual revenue

In 1984, Tim Mundwiler graduated from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He and his wife, Tana, returned to the family business in Milbank, MN. They co-owned Larson and Emanuel-Patterson funeral homes in Milbank, MN. Today, they are the third generation of funeral directors in the family. The Mundwiler family has served the community in Milbank since 1905, and has provided funeral services to the community for over 60 years.

The Mundwiler Funeral Home has served the community in Milbank, SD since 1928. In addition to traditional funeral services, they also offer cremation and pre-arrangement options. In addition to the traditional services, they also offer a full line of granite memorials. Their facility is handicap-accessible and features a children’s room and a modern funeral merchandising center.


If you are searching for a Browns Valley, MN funeral home, you may have a difficult time locating the address. The Mundwiler & Larson Funeral Home can be found at 401 Ash Street South. Find driving directions to this location by visiting their website. If you are unable to find the address, you can visit their website to request a map. This location also includes a map that can help you find the funeral home.

The first funeral home location in the area was located at the 6200 South Eastern Avenue, Clinton, MN. In 1899, Ross and Benson announced their specialty as undertakers. They continued to operate a mortuary in the hardware store, where they also performed the service. Carlton and Anne Moberg purchased the funeral home in 1953. After the purchase, they continued to run it with the help of their daughter, Nancy. The two partners worked together for nearly thirty years until they retired in 2010. The funeral home is still operated by the Mundwiler family, and the funeral service is held at their Clinton, MN location.

The Milbank location of the Mundwiler Funeral Home offers a variety of personalized services and options. They specialize in traditional funeral services and basic cremation, as well as military memorial service services and veteran burial flags. Families can also purchase urns and cremation products at this location. Additionally, the facility is handicap accessible, and features a children’s room and comfortable lounge areas. Their modern facility is also equipped with a full line of granite memorials and is handicapped-friendly.

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