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Whether you are looking for cremation services, a basic cremation, or a traditional funeral, Maus Funeral Homes is an excellent choice. These providers offer personalized solutions for every situation, including preparing funeral service agreements and grief support. In addition, they can guide you through cremation options, including urn selection. Veterans can also take advantage of services offered by Maus Funeral Homes, including veteran burial flags. Read on to learn more about Maus Funeral Homes and how they can help you plan the perfect memorial service.


These prices were obtained from a third-party source, not by a Maus Funeral Home employee. You should contact the funeral home to discuss their pricing. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates, and they may change. To get the most accurate pricing, contact the funeral home directly. Alternatively, you can use Ever Loved’s funeral marketplace to buy caskets, urns, and cremation urns directly from independent sellers.

Prices at Maus Funeral Home may vary from person to person. The home has a General Price List that includes information on funeral services, burial service agreements, visitation and viewing services. You can request this list from the funeral home free of charge, whether you intend to purchase a service or not. However, if you are unsure of the price before hiring a funeral home, the general price list can provide you with accurate and helpful information.


The Maus Funeral Home is located at 206 N Water St, Hillsboro, IN 47949, USA. If you need to find out more information about this funeral home, you can find their contact information and address above. They are available to help you plan a memorial service and purchase a casket. To make arrangements, contact the funeral home directly to learn more about their services and prices. You can also look up their price list to see if they offer any discounted packages.

Maus Funeral Home is located at the same address as the Maus Memorial Chapel in Chicago. This funeral home is located near Attica Elementary School. For directions, visit Maus Funeral Home at 201 S. Council St. You can also visit their website. After you’ve gotten directions, you’re ready to make arrangements for a memorial service. Alternatively, call them at (312) 327-6633 to discuss your options.

Services offered

The website of Maus Funeral Home offers customized funeral solutions, including pre-planning burial service agreements and grief support. They can also guide families through cremation options and select a fitting urn. In addition, Maus Funeral Home offers veteran burial flags and military funeral services. If you have a loved one who served our country or a veteran who died of natural causes, they can help you plan a service and memorial.

Maus Funeral Home is located in Attica, Indiana. You can view the funeral home’s reviews and contact information. You can even send flowers to the service directly by using the website. A memorial service is scheduled at Maus Funeral Home in Attica, IN, on September 5, 2021. The family and friends will meet at David and CJ’s home following the service. If you’re planning to send flowers to a memorial service, contact Maus Funeral Home today to learn more about the services they can provide.


The caring staff of Maus Funeral Home is committed to making each family’s needs their top priority. They respect family traditions and understand what’s important to each individual family. For your comfort, you can expect a customized service from the burial director. He will assist you with everything from casket selection to music choices. Additionally, they can make arrangements for local lodging, if desired. Maus Funeral Home is your one-stop shop for basic cremation and custom funeral services. The Maus Funeral Home has a military memorial service for veterans, including veteran burial flags.

Robert D. Maus is a lifelong resident of Attica. He graduated from Attica High School in 1970. He attended Indiana State University and the Indiana College of Mortuary Science. He is married to Valarie S. Wesley, and they have two children. They are active in the Attica Free Methodist Church and Attica Lions Club, and Robert served as the district director for the Indiana State Funeral Directors Association District #4.

Robert D. Maus as president

There are many things that can be said about Robert D. Maus, who served as the president of Maus Funeral Home for over 40 years. Aside from being a good man, he is also a good businessman. His family was large and poor, but he was able to make his way and be a successful businessman. He left school at a young age to learn German and English, and survived the concentration camp. While Vladek’s story is filled with tragedy and grief, he does not exhibit the same self-pity that he often displays. In fact, Artie admires him and his success.

Flowers delivered same day to maus funeral home

When it comes to sending flowers to a loved one who has passed, nothing compares to a beautiful floral arrangement. You can trust the professional florists at Maus Funeral Home to deliver the finest flowers in Attica. Same day delivery to Maus is also available. The following information will help you choose the perfect arrangement. For more information, call the funeral home. You can also choose to order flowers from a local florist.

Florist One is a popular local florist in Attica that can deliver flowers to the funeral home. You can also visit their website and speak to the florist directly. There are many florists who will be happy to accommodate your last minute order. You can be sure to get the funeral flowers you need on time for the service. And remember, when you order flowers from a local florist, you can expect them to be delivered the same day to the Maus Funeral Home.

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