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lundberg funeral home

If you are considering cremation for your loved one, Lundberg Funeral Home can help. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral service or Cremation, you’ll find cremation services and flowers at Lundberg’s funeral home convenient. Find directions to their location here. The Lundberg Funeral Home is located at 900 N. Main Street, in downtown St. Paul. This location is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Maxine LundbergMaxine Lundberg

After retiring from her job as a secretary at a Minneapolis funeral home, Maxine Lundberg took up volunteer work and enjoyed playing cards and bingo. She also loved reading, watching television and visiting with family and friends. Maxine is survived by her sons, Wilfred and David, her daughter-in-law Ginny Leverson, and four grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, parents, and an infant child. Maxine and her husband Wilfred Lundberg lived in Eagle Lake for twelve years before their deaths.

Lundberg Funeral Home in Cannon Falls, MN, has announced the passing of Maxine Stock. The family is asking those who knew Maxine to sign their guestbook to leave their condolences and memories of her. A full obituary is available on the Lundberg Funeral Home website. Visiting the Lundberg Funeral Home’s guestbook is the ideal way to pay tribute to Maxine and share fond memories of her.

Carolyn Lundberg was born on July 8, 1927 in Ulen, Minnesota. She married Willard Lundberg in 1971. She helped her husband build the Lundberg Family Farms. She also developed her own recipes and performed cooking demonstrations for community dinners. She was an active member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Burnside. She enjoyed painting china and spending time with her family. She will be missed by family and friends.

Cremation optionsCremation options

Lundberg Funeral Home is committed to caring and professional service. From the initial contact to the service provided, the funeral home provides a wide range of cremation options. Our staff is committed to helping families make the best choice for their loved one. Read on to learn more about your options. Lundberg Funeral Home provides cremation services to families across the state. Lundberg Funeral Home offers a wide range of options, from simple cremation to cremation with a urn.

Lundberg Funeral Home is committed to helping families make the best decision for their loved one’s cremation. The funeral home’s directors are there to guide you through the options and guide you in making the best decision for your loved one. They will guide you through the many options available to you, including music and local accommodations. While most people select a basic cremation, Lundberg Funeral Home is also adept at providing custom funerals. Veterans can even be buried with a veteran burial flag at Lundberg Funeral Home.

Upon cremation, the remains are placed in an urn. The urn can be buried or interred in a mausoleum. Alternatively, it can be scattered on private or public property. Check local regulations first to ensure that it meets your wishes. Cremation is a personal choice and can be a meaningful tribute to a loved one. Cremation is a popular choice among people who want to honor their loved one’s life.

Lundberg Funeral Home has served the local community for generations. Their 6,250 square-foot facility is located at 5839 Highway 19 Blvd. in Cannon Falls. The Lundberg family has been in business for over 80 years. The building is a former jewelry and tailor shop. It was remodeled in the early 1960s to become a funeral home. The Lundberg family also operated an ambulance service until March 1968.

Flowers available at funeral homeFlowers available at funeral home

At Lundberg Funeral Home, we are committed to providing compassionate and professional service. We have been providing family members with flowers and funeral products since 1899. Contact us today to place your order! We look forward to serving you and your loved one. Here are some of the services we offer. You can also send flowers by mail or order online. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our staff is available to help you.

Providing the highest quality care, the staff of Lundberg Funeral Home is committed to offering compassionate and professional service. If you choose to send flowers, you can have them delivered at the funeral home in 55009 the same day. We also offer discounted package deals to make the experience as convenient as possible. We are a trusted provider of same-day flower delivery since 1999. Here are a few flower selections available at Lundberg Funeral Home.

Lundberg Funeral Home is located in Minneapolis, MN. To send flowers to a funeral home, you may call them or visit them online. Their website has a list of local funeral homes and addresses. Visiting a funeral home is an ideal way to show your love and support for the family. Flower delivery is a thoughtful way to express your condolences to family and friends. Flowers delivered to a funeral home are a symbol of your condolences and hope.

Directions to funeral homeDirections to funeral home

If you are looking for a funeral home in Cannon Falls, MN, then the Lundberg Funeral Home is the place to go. They are located at Highway 19 Boulevard. It is a local business, and you can find their phone number, address, and corny jokes on their website. This is a funeral home that specializes in cremation services. They offer competitively priced funeral services.

This home offers a well-maintained and peaceful setting for memorial services. Its compassionate directors can help you plan your memorial service, from choosing the music to arranging local accommodations. The Lundberg Funeral Home is an excellent choice for basic cremation and custom funerals. Veteran burial flags are also available for the departed. For more information, contact the funeral home. They are a family-owned business in Minneapolis.

Price listPrice list 1

If you’re considering using a Lundberg Funeral Home in Minneapolis, you may be wondering about the costs associated with funeral services. These services can be costly, so knowing the cost of a funeral beforehand can help you budget effectively. Fortunately, you can request a price list from their website, and you can contact the funeral home for additional information. The prices listed on the Ever Loved website are based on national averages.

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