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lindley funeral home

If you’re looking for a funeral home in Lindley, PA, look no further. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the qualities of this establishment, including 50 years in business, a newly built facility, and staff that is compassionate and experienced. Read on to learn more about Lindley’s best-kept secret! Then, contact a local funeral home to arrange a service.

50 years in business50 years in business 1

Lindley Funeral Homes Inc. is a locally owned and operated business in Chillicothe, Missouri. The funeral home was established in 1865 and is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. It has been in business for 63 years and currently employs 3 people at its corporate headquarters and 5 across its locations. As a local business, Lindley Funeral Homes Inc. has earned the trust of its community. This family owned business carries the same high standard of care and courtesy that has made it the premier choice for families.

Today, Lindley Funeral Home has grown into a multigenerational business. The funeral home employs approximately 35 local employees, including 12 licensed professionals with over 350 years of experience combined. The family’s third generation of Lindleys, including daughters Candace, Carter, and Connor, have all been employed by the funeral home. All employees take great pride in their work and believe that the community is the reason they have been in business for so long.

Lindley Funeral Homes celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. The family purchased the Norman-Wagy-Gordon Funeral Home in Chillicothe in 1974. The business grew quickly and, in 1991, Lindley Funeral Homes purchased Leipard Funeral Home in Mendon, Mo. In addition, the funeral home acquired Resthaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Lindley Funeral Homes also acquired Pitts Funeral Homes in August 2001.

Eugene Gene Clifton was born in Dickson, TN in 1935. He later moved to Marshall, IL and continued to provide family tradition of 24-hour care. Eugene Clifton passed away on December 22, 2020 at age 92. Eugene Clifton was an active member of the Roman Catholic Church. The Lindley family is proud of its 50-year history. There is no better testament to their dedication to the community.

New facility built in 2008New facility built in 2008

The Lindley Funeral Home opened in 1940 on Washington Street in Chillicothe. It is the only family-owned funeral home in Livingston County and has served the community for over five decades. Today, the funeral home employs 35 local residents and employs 12 licensed employees with an average tenure of over 35 years. The Lindley family’s three children are also employed by the funeral home. Their children are Chris, Candace, Carter, and Connor Lindley.

In 1976, Lindley Funeral Homes bought the Leipard Funeral Home in Mendon, Mo., and the Resthaven Memorial Gardens cemetery. They also erected a new facility in Braymer, Mo., in August 2001. Lindley Funeral Homes acquired Pitts Funeral Homes in August 2001. This growth has made the funeral home a family-owned business. The company now serves families across the Midwest.

Variety of funeral flowersVariety of funeral flowers

The florists at Lindley Funeral Homes offer an assortment of beautiful and unique arrangements for your loved one’s memorial. The variety of funeral flowers available at this local business is a thoughtful tribute to the deceased. The staff is experienced in delivering the flowers to all the funeral homes in the area. You can also purchase a memorial bouquet from an independent florist, such as Ever Loved. You can also place an order through the funeral home itself, or mail your order.

Staff of caring and experienced professionalsStaff of caring and experienced professionals

The staff of Lindley funeral home is made up of experienced and compassionate professionals who care about the needs of their clients. Alice Carroll joined the staff in September of 2019. Originally from Okeechobee, she relocated to Ft. Pierce in 2017. She is a retired Marathon Manager, but decided to pursue a different career path. She lives with her husband George and their two dogs. The funeral home offers a variety of funeral service options, including cremation, burial, and cremation.

PricesPrices 3

The prices for lindley funeral homes are based on their services, as surveyed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The survey included the transfer of remains to the funeral home, embalming, and the normal cosmetic work required to make the deceased ready for viewing. The survey also included the basic services provided by the funeral director and staff, use of the facilities for the viewing and funeral ceremony, a hearse, and a 20 gauge non-protective metal casket. Excluded from the price are limousines, out-of-service transportation, the outer burial container, and cash advance items.

For the family of a deceased person, Lindley Funeral Home is available for service at 119 W. Main Street in Lincoln, MO. The funeral home also serves the surrounding communities of Laredo and Hale. Anderson was born on March 31, 1953 in Hale, MO. His parents were Amos and Mary Timmerman. Lindley Funeral Homes Inc. is a licensed funeral home in Hale. They have been in business for over 45 years and provide exceptional care to the community.

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