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kubena funeral home

Kubena Funeral Home, Inc. in New York generates $462,770 in annual revenues. You can get more information on pricing packages offered by the funeral home by calling them directly. Prices are estimates. Contact them for a custom quote. David Villarreal, the funeral director at Kubena Funeral Home, Inc., shares his thoughts on the services he provides. You can also read a review about the funeral home to get a better idea of the quality of service they provide.

David Villarreal is the funeral director at kubena funeral homeDavid Villarreal is the funeral director at kubena funeral home

“David Villarreal is the best funeral home in Texas, hands down.” These words from a former employee of the Kubena Funeral Home are not just empty words; they are a true testament to his hard work, compassion, and dedication. His staff is amazing. You will never feel like you’re being taken advantage of here. And their services will leave you with a memory of someone who was truly loved.

The service will take place at 10 am on Monday, Nov. 17, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Koerth. The family is inviting friends and family to attend the wake and visitation. The Rev. Charles Sonnier will officiate. Pallbearers will be Harvey Appelt, Mark Meyers, and Kevin Villarreal. The family has designated three nephews as honorary pallbearers.

Vaclav Kristek was born in Czechoslovakia and was a member of the Catholic Church and the St. Isidor Society. The funeral director at the Kubena Funeral Home Chapel said a rosary during the service Sunday. His funeral service will be held Monday at 9 a.m. at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The Rev. Alois J. Morkovsky will officiate. The service will conclude with burial in the Hallettsville Catholic Cemetery.

Kubena Funeral Home is honored to be the home of the late Anton J. Kristek. The funeral service will be held on Aug. 25 at noon, with visitation and rosary beginning at 11 a.m. at Kubena Funeral Home. The services will be followed by a rosary at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery at Hallettsville City Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Cancer Society or to a favorite charity.

kubena funeral home generates $462,770 in annual revenueskubena funeral home generates 462770 in annual revenues

Kubena Funeral Home, Inc. is a business located in Hallettsville, Texas. The business is primarily engaged in the Funeral Home business / industry and the Personal Services sector. The company employs five people at its single location and generates an estimated $462,770 in annual revenues. Kubena Funeral Home, Inc. generates $462,770 in annual revenues from the sales of its products and services.

kubena funeral home prices are estimateskubena funeral home prices are estimates

The following Kubena Funeral Home prices are estimates. The prices are provided to make funeral arrangements easier for families. While they are not guaranteed, they do reflect the average price for a memorial service in the area. These prices may also be subject to change, but they will be kept as accurate as possible. Kubena Funeral Home does not claim to sell caskets, and cannot guarantee the quality of urns.

The Kubena family would like to express their sincere sympathies to those left behind. The departed are a family of 30 years old who were good citizens. They are left behind a mother and three children, along with several siblings. Flatonia Record extends condolences to the family of B.A. Kubena, a resident of Praha since the early 1970s, and a member of the Democratic Party of Texas.

kubena funeral home’s locationubena funeral homes location

Kubena Funeral Home, Inc. is a business located in Hallettsville, Texas. It is a member of the Death Care Services industry and has been in business for 96 years. It generates an estimated $462,770 in sales each year. In total, it employs 5 people and engages in manufacturing activities. Below you can find the driving directions and map to Kubena Funeral Home’s location.

The funeral home is located at 4600 W. 66th Street. The building was constructed in 1904. The funeral home’s name was inspired by Daniel Kubena, a deceased Kansas City resident. He received his funeral director license on Aug. 3, 1956. His sons, Robert and Barbara, joined the business on Aug. 4, 1958. In 2001, their daughter, Alison, joined the company. In 2006, their son, Andy, joined the business.

kubena funeral home’s price listkubena funeral homes price list

You can find out more about the general price list offered by Kubena Funeral Home, Inc., in Hallettsville, TX, by contacting the company directly. The price list lists all of the funeral service items available, including transportation to the cemetery and visitation and viewing services. The price list is provided for free to anyone who wishes to inquire. The price list does not include the cost of a casket, urn, or cremation – these items are additional.

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