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There are many reasons to choose Koskey Funeral Home for your loved one’s service. Whether you want a traditional funeral service or a simple cremation, you’ll find what you need here. You can also sign the online guestbook or choose to have a traditional service. Whatever your needs, you’ll find what you need at this local florist. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a florist for a funeral service:

106 W Main St, Negaunee, Michigan 49866

Koskey Funeral Home, Inc. is a local business located at 106 W Main St in Negaunee, Michigan. They have been providing funeral service services for the local community for years. They will assist you with your needs during this difficult time. If you are looking for a local funeral home, contact Koskey Funeral Home today for more information.

Located at 106 W Main St in Negaunee, Michigan, the Koskey Funeral Home provides a peaceful, comfortable environment for families to gather and remember their loved one. The peaceful grounds are maintained to suit the needs of each family. Whether you choose a traditional funeral or a more casual cremation, they will assist you in making the appropriate arrangements. You can also choose an urn if you wish. In addition, they can help you with a veteran burial flag. With their experienced staff and caring environment, Koskey Funeral Home will guide you through the funeral service, from the selection of an urn to the preparation of the service.

Online guest book

To share your thoughts about a loved one, you can leave a message in their online guest book. Here, you can share the kindest memories and remembrances of the deceased. Or, you can send a floral tribute. If you are unable to attend the funeral service, you can still express your condolences and memories. By leaving a message in their online guest book, you can help them honor their life.

Traditional funerals

Koskey Funeral Home offers many services to make your final tribute more meaningful. The staff is trained to assist you in all aspects of your funeral service, including helping you select an urn and memorialize your loved one. It also provides grief support and can handle the details of military burials, as well as military funeral flags. Their dedicated staff will walk you through each step of the service and help you make the most appropriate choices.

Simple cremation

A simple cremation at Koskey Funeral Home can be the perfect tribute to your loved one. The process begins with the body being prepared for cremation. Personal items are removed and any medical devices are destroyed during the process. The body is placed in a secure container, usually cardboard or wicker, and an identification tag is attached to the body. Once the remains are in the cremation chamber, they will be cooled and placed in a container of your choice.

After the cremation is complete, the family is able to choose a casket or burial vault, as well as an urn or cremation container. The cremated remains are then stored in a sealed container that meets burial specifications. Some families choose to keep their loved one’s ashes in a displayable urn until the scattering ceremony. The funeral home staff will discuss the options with you in order to ensure that everything is perfect for your loved one.

Direct cremation at Koskey Funeral Home is also a less expensive alternative to a traditional burial. It is often preferable for families who want to avoid the additional costs of a traditional funeral. You may be able to schedule a memorial service a few months after the cremation, giving your family ample time to gather items that are meaningful to your loved one. The funeral home will handle all of the necessary paperwork for the cremation.

Direct cremation does not require a casket, and can be arranged in a matter of days. The ashes will be returned to the family in a small urn. Your family can then decide what to do with the ashes. Some people decide to keep them in an urn, while others prefer to scatter them. Either way, cremation is a great option. Your loved one will have the peace of mind knowing that the process is done in an orderly manner.

Military burial services

The Koskey Funeral Home is a peaceful, elegant setting for a military burial service. The grounds are carefully maintained to meet the needs of each family. They are experienced in traditional funerals, cremations, grief support, and urn selection. Additionally, they specialize in military burial services, and offer veteran burial flags. They can help guide families through the process of planning a service and are happy to answer questions about cremation.

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