Jones Eden Funeral Home

jones eden funeral home

If you are looking for a local funeral home that can provide the service you need, Jones And Eden Funeral Home is the place to go. They have recently remodeled their facilities to offer you the type of service you expect. This includes visitation and viewing services, as well as transportation to the cemetery. If you are considering using their services, you will want to review the General Price List, which you can obtain for free.

remodeled jones eden funeral homeremodeled jones eden funeral home

Remodeled Jones eden funeral home was constructed in the late 1800s. This brick building was clad in stucco in 1999 and features a mock gable attached to the upper portion of the square edifice. It retains its original fenestration, although some of the ordinal windows have been replaced with metal-framed ones. Permastone was left on the storefront, and vertical windows are found across the entry on the west side. This structure is non-contributing to the Washington Downtown Historic District due to a combination of changes in the building’s exterior and interior.


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Price listPrice list

The Jones & Eden Funeral Home is one of the places you can send funeral flowers if you’re in search of sympathy flowers. This home’s florists have a wide selection of funeral flowers and can help you select the right arrangement. You can also order a flower arrangement online, which makes it easy to send a sympathy gift. The prices of these funeral services may vary from location to location. Please ask for a price list from the funeral home when you visit.

You’ll find the Jones & Eden Funeral Home in Eden, NC. This funeral home curates your loved one’s final ceremony. The property is just minutes from the George Washington Bridge. They provide caring, professional service. Their price list is also available online. Whether you’re looking for a simple memorial or an elaborate funeral, Jones & Eden Funeral Home is a great place to send condolences.

Flowers offered at jones eden funeral homeFlowers offered at jones eden funeral home

If you are planning to send flowers to a loved one who passed away, Jones & Eden Funeral Home is the right place to shop. The florists at Jones & Eden Funeral Home have a wide selection of flowers that would make any loved one’s day. Whether you are planning a simple ceremony or a full funeral service, you are sure to find the perfect tribute for your loved one. They will take care of everything from ordering funeral flowers to delivering them to the family.

The funeral home is locally owned and operated and provides family members with personalized service. You can find the perfect funeral for your loved one at the Jones & Eden Funeral Home. They also specialize in cremation and burial, which will ensure that your loved one’s cremation is a beautiful and meaningful tribute. This location offers 24/7 access to its staff, so you can call anytime to get in touch with someone who knows what it’s like to lose a loved one.

In addition to the Jones & Eden funeral home, you may want to consider the Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home in the area. They have been family-owned and operated since 1939. You can send flowers at any time during the week or the day of the funeral. The family would appreciate it if you shared your loved one’s favorite memories of them. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the funeral home of your choice.

Jones & Eden Funeral Home is located in Richland, Iowa. It was a pleasure to meet her, and it was an honor to be her caregiver. Garrett was born in McCook, Iowa, and passed away on May 10, 2018. The family entrusted the funeral home with his or her final wishes, and we are honored to have been part of this process. We will be sharing these memories with her family and friends.

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