J W Williams Funeral Home

J W Williams Funeral Home

J W Williams Funeral Home, Inc. is a funeral home located in Cordele, Georgia. It is part of the William, J. M. Funeral Home group and is primarily engaged in the Funeral Home business / industry. This company employs approximately 6 people at its single location. The business has been in business for 104 years. The average employee salary is around $53,000. The funeral home is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc.J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc

For more information on J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc, visit its official website at jwwilliamsfuneralhome.com. This New York-based funeral home offers a variety of services, including basic cremation and tradition funeral services. It also specializes in grief support, urn selection, and military memorial service services. The staff will guide you through the different types of funeral services, including those for military personnel.

J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc has been in business since 1918 in Cordele, Georgia. The founder of the funeral home wanted to provide high-quality services to all of the community, regardless of their social standing or economic circumstances. Although the facility primarily offers traditional funeral services, it is happy to work with families who wish to plan more personalized or creative services. Before making a decision to work with J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc, families should visit the facility’s website or speak with staff members. This way, families will know whether their needs are being met.

The funeral home does not have a large facility, so it is easy to find a nearby lodging option. Those out of town may want to do some research on traveling options to the area. The Middle Georgia Regional Airport is about an hour’s drive away. If you choose a funeral home in a small town, you may be able to lock in prices from a variety of independent sellers. You can also find discounted packages through Ever Loved.

Distance from funeral home to small airportDistance from funeral home to small airport

The distance from a funeral home to a small airport is not always the same, and it can also be a therapeutic experience. While most funeral homes discourage visiting family members to witness a cremation, there are also options that require the funeral party to travel to another location. If you’d rather drive yourself, renting a van or taxi is a cheaper alternative to airfare. Also, many airlines have bereavement rates or offer deep discounts for funerals.

Shipping a body can be costly, and it can take some time and effort. While most airlines will transport a body, you need to find a known shipper to transport the body. There are several funeral homes approved as shippers. Once you have decided on the shipping company, it will place the deceased in a specialized container in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Once it arrives at its destination, the shipping company will take care of the container and ensure that it is delivered safely. In some cases, you may have to use the services of two funeral providers in order to transport a body by air.

Cost of funeral service at J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc.Cost of funeral service at J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc.

In addition to offering competitive prices, J. W. Williams Funeral Home Inc. offers a variety of affordable funeral packages. Prices listed on this site are estimates and may vary by funeral home. For more information, contact the funeral home directly. Ever Loved allows you to purchase caskets and urns directly from independent sellers. These services may be available at a discounted rate. For more information, visit Ever Loved.

The J. W. Williams Funeral Home, Inc., is a family-owned and operated funeral home that has served the Cordele community since 1918. The founder of the business wanted to offer quality funeral services regardless of social class or economic status. While the company offers traditional funeral services, it also welcomes unique requests. For this reason, the staff encourages families to meet with them and discuss their plans.

The staff at the WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME INC., are compassionate and knowledgeable about family tradition. They offer a wide variety of funeral packages at competitive rates. In addition, the company also carries caskets, urns, and burial containers. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or unique casket, Williams has the perfect option. With over fourteen thousand likes on Facebook, they’re a great option to share your memories with loved ones.

In addition to offering affordable funeral packages, this home also offers live broadcasts. More family members are watching the service from remote locations. Those interested in live streaming funerals should contact the funeral home directly. They are located at 407 West 17th Avenue in Cordele, GA, and 971 Moreland Drive SE, Atlanta. Listed below are some examples of funeral packages offered by Williams Funeral Home Inc.

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