How to Install Hardwood Flooring Tips & Tricks

How to Install Hardwood Flooring Tips & Tricks

Hardwood flooring installation is an advanced home improvement project usually done by a professional installer. It is extremely challenging for the homeowner to install a hardwood floor successfully without making a mess. However, if someone has good installation skills, they need to learn some techniques to avoid common mistakes.

It is recommended to hire a professional floor fitter for hardwood flooring installation as it requires careful planning and execution. It would be useful for DIY devotees to learn a few tricks to assist professional installers to get the job done.

Choose the Type of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is available in a wide range of sizes, finishes, wood species, and grain patterns. Often, people have a hard time choosing between Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood as both have different benefits and drawbacks. Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to install, however, it can not be re-finished.

On the other hand, solid hardwood flooring is expensive and difficult to install, however extremely durable. Carefully choose the hardwood flooring based on where you want to lay the floor and the traffic it gets.


Wood tends to expand with increased moisture content and shrink as the moisture content decreases. As soon as the flooring has arrived, open the boxes and let it fully acclimate by running air conditioning and heat at normal levels. It is not recommended at all to store wood in a moisture-rich space for acclimation.

Also, it will continue to expand and contract even after installation, therefore, it is important to leave a gap of approximately ¼”. It should be noted that engineered wood does not have to be acclimated before installation, making it a good option for a moisture-rich environment.

Examine and Prepare the Subfloor For Installation

It is a time-consuming and important step in hardwood floor installation. The installer has to remove old flooring, examine the condition, and clean the subfloor. Prior to installation, it should be dry and leveled, uniformity can be achieved by using a spirit level or self-leveling compound. Moreover, clean dirt, debris, and adhesives, also, give it ample time to dry.

Follow the Instructions Manual

The instruction manual that comes with hardwood flooring has detailed instructions on installation. They have all the information related to the floor fitting, what equipment to use, how to install it, and common mistakes to avoid.

Gather the Right Tools

After fully understanding the instruction manual, search for the equipment needed to install the floor. Gather all the tools before the homeowner or installer fixes the hardwood floor down.These tools i use are hardwood floor refinishing charlotte.

Install The Hardwood Floor

Choose the right direction depending on the shape and size of the area and do not forget to leave expansion gaps. There are several ways to install hardwood flooring; gluing, nailing, and secret screwing. It is advised to follow the instruction manual when installing flooring to get optimal results.

If you are not confident in your flooring installation skills, leave it to professional installers who are trained to do the job efficiently

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