Grandstrand Funeral Home Inc

It offers services for memorials cremation and markers and monuments.

If you are looking for a place to have a memorial service, there is one in Grandstrand, FL. This funeral home has been around since 1969. It offers services for memorials, cremation, and markers and monuments. There are 4 employees that work at this funeral home. Here is some information about them. You can contact them for a quote. They have special pricing packages for those who need them. They also offer free quotes.

Grandstrand Funeral Home was established in 1969Grandstrand Funeral Home was established in 1969

Located in Lindstrom, Minnesota, Grandstrand Funeral Home Inc. is a family-owned business. It has been in business since 1969. This company is located at 11900 Lake Ln. The contact and principal count provided are estimates. The sales figure is based on estimates. The number of employees is four. There are three corporate families associated with the business. This is a list of the corporate families associated with Grandstrand Funeral Home Inc.

The funeral service will be held at Oak Hill Cemetery on Friday, September 28. The visitation will begin one hour prior to the service, and the interment will follow at Oak Hill Cemetery. This web site will not post comments immediately. They may be edited by the site editor for appropriateness. Please understand that this delay may occur. While we try to post comments as soon as possible, you may be delayed 24 hours or more.

It provides funeral services, cremation services, memorial services, markers and monumentsfuneral services cremation services memorial services markers and monuments

The staff of Grandstrand Funeral Home is compassionate and explains the many options available to help families remember their loved ones. They offer funeral services, memorial services, markers, and monuments in all price ranges, from simple to elaborate. Tom and the staff are excellent. To contact Grandstrand Funeral Home for more information, please call 910-228-3335 or use the online contact form.

The family of Dennis Johnson passed away peacefully on June 8, 2013, at the Rose Monahan Hospice House in Worcester. He was a long-time resident of North Attleboro. He had worked as a newspaperman for nearly 40 years. The family is grateful that the funeral home was able to help her family honor her life. The funeral home and staff would like to extend condolences to her family and friends.

It has 4 employeesIt has 4 employees

The Grandstrand Funeral Home in Lindstrom, MN, employs 4 people. The firm is in the Death Care Services industry and generates $470,244 in sales every year. They are part of 3 corporate families. These employees are all licensed Funeral Directors. For more information, contact the funeral home directly. For a more accurate estimate, please contact the funeral home. To request information about a specific employee, contact the funeral home directly.

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