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Pamela Barrett, Gracie Gross, and Julie Cain were all friends of the family of a former McKee High School student. Gracie was a member of the McKee High School class of 1985. The family wanted to share their love of her late son with the community. So, the Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, KY, was chosen for the upcoming memorial service. We are very grateful that a family has chosen a funeral home that cherished their memories and acted quickly.

Pamela BarrettPamela Barrett

In a loving and supportive manner, Lakes Funeral Home McKee, KY, has announced the passing of Pam Barrett. She was born on July 30, 1962, in Leslie County. She departed this life on Monday, July 2, 2018, in McKee. Surviving are her parents, Ulysses and Joan Barrett of Essie; her four children; her three sisters, Patty Barrett of Essie and Ula Barrett of McKee; and her nine grandchildren.

Leroy Johnson, Jr., a longtime resident of McKee, passed away on July 17, 2018. He was married for 48 years to Pamela Barrett. The couple had two sons and one daughter. They were blessed with six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. In addition, Leroy was the son of Dr. Chase and Helen Johnson, and the granddaughter of Ann and Hume Richardson.

Gracie GrossGracie Gross

A vigil will be held at 1:45 pm on Friday in the chapel of Gracie Gross at Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, KY. The deceased is survived by two sisters, five nieces, and four nephews. Her love and generosity touched the lives of countless people. Those who knew her will remember her smile, love of life, and unfailing support.

Afterwards, a memorial service will be held in her honor. The funeral will be officiated by Reverend Linda McElroy Thomas. Interment will follow at the Husband Cemetery. The family will share memories and share special memories of her life. The family hopes that you will join them at this special time. A reception will follow the service to remember her life and her love for people.

In addition to a vigil, the family will gather at Gracie Gross at Lakes Funeral Home to say goodbye to Mary Ann Halverson, a longtime member of the community. The family will receive friends during the hour-long service. The surviving family members will be asked to make contributions to the funeral home. If you wish, you may choose to give a gift in her memory.

Julie CainJulie Cain

In the city of McKee, KY, you can find funeral services for your loved ones. A family-owned and operated funeral home for nearly 50 years, Lakes Funeral Home is an excellent option for your needs. Whether you are planning a memorial service or need to purchase funeral flowers, Lakes Funeral Home will guide you through the process. Read below to learn more about the funeral home’s history and current service offerings.

On February 21, 2019, we said goodbye to Edith O’Rear. She was a beloved mother of Ardie Estes, brother to Chester Isaacs and sister to Billie Cain. She was survived by sixteen children, nine grandchildren and forty-three great-grandchildren. Her husband and sons will attend the service and make it special. The family will also hold a celebration of her life at Lakes Funeral Home Mckee KY.

Gracie Gross’s motherGracie Grosss mother

At the lakeside cemetery, Gracie Gross’s mother is surrounded by family members and friends. She was a widow, and was preceded in death by her husband. Several other children survive her, including her daughters Jennifer Smith (Matt), and Heather Mills (Randy).

Gracie Gross’s mother is a former resident of McKee, Kentucky. She was born on December 12, 1953 to Floyd and Duluth Pierson. She is survived by two sons, two daughters, and her husband, Herbert Lee Thompson. Other survivors include Alonzo Gross, of Alexandria, Ky.; Judy Lynch, of Norwood, OH; Ineda Cole, of Lebanon, KY; and Bradlee Shirley, of Union, KY. Gracie Gross’s mother-in-law, Aryana Neighbors, is buried at Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, Ky.

Geneva Amis Woodward was a member of Lakes Baptist Church in McKee, KY. She died on August 8, 2013, after a long illness. Her funeral service was held at Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, KY. Gracie Gross’s mother-in-law is also buried at Lakes Funeral Home McKee, KY. If you’re interested in learning more about Reba Amis Woodward, please contact Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, KY to schedule a visitation.

Visitation will be held Saturday, December 14th, at 11 am to 1 pm. The funeral will be held in the Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, KY. The Hamilton Journal-News published a notice at the time of Pauline’s death. The service will include a viewing and a memorial. In the meantime, a gathering of friends and family members will commemorate her life.

Gracie Gross’ sisterGracie Gross sister

Lakes Funeral Home in McKee, Kentucky is honored to be serving the family of Gracie Gross. The funeral will be held on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 11 a.m. at the funeral home. The family will receive friends at a time of visitation from 4 to 6 p.m. on April 18. The family will also receive friends in the wake of the service at 1 p.m. at the church.

Hillcrest Memorial Gardens will conduct graveside services for Gracie Gross’ sister, along with Pastor Tommy Bolan. He served as a pastor at Deaton Funeral Home and Hillcrest Memorial Gardens. He will also serve as the family’s pallbearer. He was preceded in death by his parents, brother, and sister, Sue Gross and Harold Wayne Leathers.

Nancy Wood passed away on March 31, 2019. She is survived by her son Alan Wood, two daughters Gail Scott and Cindy Northington, grandchildren Jennifer Smith (Matt), Steven Wood (Klancy), and Byron Northington (Erika) and great-granddaughter Britta Orrick. Her siblings are Jordy Kirkhoff, Doug Binning, and Brooke Binning.

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