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The Sanders family has been caring for the families of deceased loved ones for over three decades. Their son Billy joined the family business in the late 1970s as a high school student and soon found himself working side by side with his dad. Sharing the family’s dream, Billy pursued a degree in mortuary science at Atlanta’s Gupton-Jones College and graduated in 1980. After working alongside his dad during his apprenticeship, he became a licensed funeral director and embalmer. In addition to bringing the family tradition forward, he married his high school sweetheart, Janice, in 1979. He carries on this tradition at Folk Funeral Home today.

Letitia joined her family at the funeral home

Letitia Stillinger was 19 when her parents bought the Folk Funeral Home. She later attended Winthrop College and the University of South Carolina-Aiken before marrying Bo Stillinger, Jr. Letitia carries on the tradition of her parents and grandfather, greeting visitors with a song. She also carries on the tradition of singing for the deceased at her parents’ funeral. Her parents were members of the folk funeral home, and she continues to sing the hymns at funerals.

A week after the cadavers are buried, Leti hosts a housewarming party for her mother’s family and guests. Tic’s singing fills the living room with laughter. Meanwhile, Leti runs into the bathroom, where she finds her shirt has been mended. She is startled to find her blood-stained shirt, which she washes off and screams in pain.

While in Chicago, Leti meets her sister Ruby at the folk funeral home. Ruby sings with the crowd, and she invites her to sing with her. Ruby lives in a boarding house on McCarthy because she could no longer afford her mother’s Linden room. Ruby suggests that Leti find a job cleaning houses on the Northside, but she refuses to do so. Instead, she wants to work in a department store downtown.

A month later, when her mother dies, Leti is in jail. Ruby tells Leti that she was not able to attend the funeral, but she argues that their mother was not dead. Ruby accuses her of lying to Ruby, claiming that she only wants to be sisters when she needs something. Leti is upset, but Ruby does not see it. She blames Leti for being selfish.

Brett joined his family at the funeral home

On July 30, 1993, Brett H. Folkening passed away at the age of 25. He was born on December 2, 1967. His family members did not have any information on him. His birth date was significant, as President Johnson signed legislation creating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS), later known as NPR. This legislation required objectivity in all controversial programs. During Brett’s lifetime, his family remained a secret, and they did not disclose what Brett’s family members did for him.

Jerry joined his family at the funeral home

The funeral service for Jerry was held at the Folk Funeral Home in Seattle. His family gathered together in the chapel and shared memories of their beloved husband and father. He was an accomplished musician, who played several instruments and sang in various bands. Jerry was most famous for his 28-year musical ministry with Have Gospel-Will Travel. He recorded six CDs of his music and toured the Pacific Northwest with his band. He was a frequent performer at churches including Christ the Vine Lutheran Church, Tuesday Treasures, and Journey Gathering Baptist Church. His parents and siblings survived him, along with his wife Mary and daughter Stephanie. He was also predeceased by his brother, Col. Darwin Albers.

Jerry was a man of many talents, including singing and playing the piano. He was also an accomplished photographer, and he loved to visit art galleries. He was a member of the National Funeral Directors Association and the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. He was also a former president of the Tri County Funeral Directors Association and served as a Deputy Coroner for thirty-five years. His father was a respected member of the community.

Throughout his life, Jerry made many friends who were devoted to his music. He spent hours learning, playing, and singing. He is survived by his wife Susan, son Corey, daughter-in-law Erica, and granddaughter Lyra. His four sisters, Jane Rathbun, Susan Rathbun, and Roger Bejcek, all of whom are also musicians. They are all proud to share their memories of their friend and mentor.

A 45-year member of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, he served as a past president of the Troy Alumni Association, a past president of the Mountain Lake Association, and was a former trustee of the Troy Area School District Foundation. His volunteer work at his church and his community were recognized by the Lions club. Jerry was also a member of the Troy Lions Club, and he received the prestigious Melvin Jones Award in recognition of his humanitarian efforts.

After graduating from USC-A, Gean joined his family at the Folk Funeral Home. He and his wife, Dana, were married in 1985 and had two children. In March 2006, he joined the staff of the funeral home. Gean was a member of the American Legion and a Mason. His sons are Charles and Michael. Gean was an active member of the Blackville community.

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