Flamm Funeral Home

The Flamm Funeral Home is celebrating its 130th year. Read on to learn more about their funeral services, including basic cremation and traditional funerals. Flamm offers grief support services as well as traditional funerals. Garth Flamm is still a licensed mortician and has been a funeral director for over 40 years. He is proud of the funeral home’s dedication to service and customer care. The funeral home’s modern decor is a welcome change from the traditional decor of many funeral homes.

Flamm Funeral home is celebrating its 130th anniversary

The Flamm Funeral Home has been in the Rexburg community since 1886. Today, it is operated by Garth Flamm, great-grandson of Jacob Flamm. It is located on First East and First North, respectively, in Rexburg, Idaho. If you are looking for a funeral home, we invite you to consider them. Their services include cremation and traditional funeral services.

The Home has a proud history. In 1923, it was founded by George Flamm, a St. Anthony resident. Flamm had five daughters and four sons. He was a successful businessman, a politician, and a family man. His five children worked at the funeral home, and the family grew the business. In 1923, the business was renamed in his honor.

flamm funeral home offers traditional funerals

A family member or friend of a deceased person may prefer to have a traditional funeral. The Flamm Home in Fort Worth offers a variety of traditional funeral services. The caring and knowledgeable staff at Flamm Funeral Home understands the needs of a family, and respects the traditions of each person. The funeral director at Flamm Funeral Home will help the family choose the perfect casket and music for the service. If the deceased loved the military, they may also request veteran burial flags.

flamm funeral home offers basic cremation

If you are searching for a basic cremation, Flamm Funeral Home is the place to go. Their memorial service directors will help guide you through the entire process, from selecting music to arranging local accommodations. In addition, their staff will be happy to assist you with the planning of your loved one’s funeral. In addition, the funeral home’s services include basic and custom funerals, military services, and cremation.

flamm funeral home offers grief support

The flamm funeral home is located at 2007 Park Ave in Kalamazoo. There, you will find flowers that honor the life of a loved one. The florists at Flamm Funeral Home have many types of sympathy flowers. You may choose a floral tribute or order a flower basket for a special occasion. Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured that you will be able to send your sympathy wishes to the family and friends of your loved one.

The memorial service directors at Flamm Home will walk you through the steps needed to prepare for a touching and meaningful service. From music selection to local accommodations, Flamm’s staff is available to help. You can also ask them about cremation choices. It has many options, including basic cremation to custom, as well as military funerals. You can find more information about the funeral services and memorial service directors by clicking the links below.

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