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If you are considering having your loved one’s funeral services at a Catholic funeral home, you have probably wondered about Evangeline Funeral Home. The staff at this funeral home is experienced and compassionate, and will give you personal care and attention throughout the entire process. You can expect to have a variety of questions answered by one of the associates at Evangeline, and they are always available to answer them. Below, you will find some information about this Louisiana funeral home.

Evangeline Funeral Home is a Catholic funeral home

Evangeline Funeral Home, a family-owned and operated business, is the first choice for local funeral arrangements. Originally located in St. Martinville, Louisiana, the funeral home opened locations in Delcambre and St. Martinville in 1951. Today, it serves both cities. During the week, it will host a visitation for friends and family, including a Rosary. The funeral home will also deliver sympathy flowers and gifts to the family.

Founded in 1896, Evangeline Funeral Home is a historical New Iberia, Louisiana, establishment. It was originally a private residence. The Dietlein Family built the two-story antebellum house on East Saint Peter Street. The Landry family acquired the home in 1941 and opened the Evangeline Funeral Home in the same building. In 1951, the home was converted into a funeral home. Its New Iberia location was expanded to include more parlor space.

Evangeline Funeral Home provides funeral services and cremation in Saint Martinville, Louisiana. A funeral service for Raymond Larry Bernard is held on December 13, 2020 at Evangeline Funeral Home, Inc., a Catholic funeral home. Rev. Dore Langley will officiate the service. Raymond Lawrence Bernard was born on November 11, 1957 in Oregon. His parents, Rev. Dore Langley, are also buried at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church.

It provides customized funeral services

The staff at Evangeline Funeral Home is professionally trained and experienced in providing personalized and compassionate care. A family member or friend of a loved one will be greeted by a caring and compassionate staff member who is always available for questions and guidance. The professional, attentive associates at Evangeline Funeral Home are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any questions you may have. To learn more about the many services offered by Evangeline Funeral Home, please contact us at the number below.

The Evangeline Funeral Home in Saint Martinville, Louisiana provides cremation and funeral services to families. Bill Melancon, a member of the staff, officiates a funeral for Raymond Larry Bernard, who passed away in Oregon. He is also known as Rev. Dore Langley and passed away in Oregon. Evangeline Funeral Home also provides military burial flags and personalized memorial services.

When planning a funeral service, you can incorporate music or other media into the celebration. Many funeral homes offer audio and video technology, which makes it possible to show tribute videos or photo slideshows. A special note card can feature a photo of the deceased or a special quote about their life. A special poem or a quote that was dear to the deceased can be read in honor of the deceased. Using music during the service is a touching way to honor the departed.

Prices can vary from funeral home to funeral home, but they are generally national averages. You should always confirm prices with the funeral home before making a final decision. The fees are mandatory and cover basic organizational services, including the transportation of the deceased, but do not cover the cost of embalming the body. You should always know what you can expect to pay, as some providers may offer a discount for these services.

It has 7 employees

The Evangeline Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business that has been in business since 1904. It is a member of the Dignity Memorial network, which includes cremation, cemetery, and funeral service providers. This New Iberia, LA business employs 7 people and generates $523,103 in annual revenue. The business employs seven people at one location. This article will discuss the company’s business model, which involves providing personalized care and attention to their clients.

The Evangeline funeral home is located at the 2100 block of NE Evangeline. The funeral home is a member of the Saint Martinville Chamber of Commerce. It also has a location in the town of Delcambre. Longfellow heard of a story of a French woman who was separated from her husband. Longfellow’s story inspired him to write a poem called “A Man’s Love for his Country.”

Evangeline Funeral Home is a family owned business with seven employees. The staff at the Oakdale location will conduct a rosary service at 10:30 am on Monday, March 25. Online obituaries and ordering are available for those who are unable to attend the service. The funeral home is located at 101-199 Cemetery Road, Saint Martinville. A funeral service can be ordered online or at the office. The Evangeline Funeral Home is also a good place for a visit.

The funeral home has been in business since 1908. Its employees include the president of the company, the vice president of the office, and the CEO. Currently, the company has seven employees, including a receptionist and a funeral director. The funeral home also has a cremation service. These employees work part-time for a single location. The Evangeline funeral home has 7 employees and is owned by a member of the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce.

It is located in St. Martinville, Louisiana

Providing funeral and cremation services in St. Martinville, Louisiana, Evangeline Funeral Home opened its doors in 1951. For over 65 years, they have served local families with dignity and respect. Whether you need traditional funeral services, cremation services, or something more personal, Evangeline can help you with the arrangements. Here are just a few of the services offered at Evangeline.

Evangeline Funeral Home offers a General Price List. This document includes the cost of a variety of funeral services, including transportation to the cemetery, visiting hours, and viewing services. Interested families are welcome to request a copy of the General Price List. The Evangeline Funeral Home also offers special pricing packages. Whether you’re planning a simple funeral or a more elaborate memorial service, you’re sure to find a price that fits your needs.

Evangeline Funeral Home is honored to serve the family of Anna D. Guidry, who passed away on April 1, 2017. She was 33 years old. The funeral service will be conducted by Rev. Msgr. Douglas Courville, a parish priest. Interment will follow in St. Michael’s Mausoleum. Visitation will be held at Evangeline Funeral Home, located in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

Evangeline Funeral Home provides cremation and funeral services in St. Martinville, Louisiana. Since its establishment in 1951, the Evangeline Funeral Home has been serving local families with dignity and respect. It also offers a cemetery and memorial services. There are many funeral services to choose from at Evangeline. It’s important to find a funeral home with the same level of care and service.

It is a perpetual care cemetery

In the past, the Evangeline funeral home was not a perpetual care cemetery. Traditionally, a cemetery would pay its owner for perpetual care of graves. This is the norm in many older cemeteries. But the concept of perpetual care is different than eternal. According to the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Directors Association, perpetual care does not necessarily mean a perpetually green grave. Perpetual care costs about $68 a year. During the 1970s, such prices were extremely low and it was virtually impossible to maintain each individual grave.

A PCC must have a Certificate of Authority from the Department of State Health Services to operate. This certificate will ensure that the perpetual care trust fund is available when necessary and that purchased funeral goods and services are distributed to the beneficiary. Perpetual care cemeteries must be licensed by the Department and must meet exceptions listed in Chapter 712 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. To be a perpetual care cemetery in Texas, the Evangeline funeral home must adhere to certain regulations in order to maintain a high quality cemetery.

Evangeline Memorial Gardens, a perpetual care cemetery in New Iberia, has two cremation sections. Both sections offer options for scattering or burial of cremains. In addition, both sections have seasonal plantings. Unlike some other cemetery companies, Evangeline funeral home is a perpetual care cemetery. It also offers cremation services and mausoleum spaces. The cemetery also maintains a perpetual care cemetery in New Iberia.

The perpetual care trust is a great marketing tool for cemeteries. It not only reassures pre-need and at-need families that the cemetery will be in good hands for years to come. It increases traditional death services by providing greater value for the services offered by a funeral home. For this reason, many states require cemeteries to create a perpetual care trust. This type of trust also provides the cemeteries with a stable source of revenue, which can help them survive even during times of reduced revenues.

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