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ellisville funeral home

If you’re looking for a quality funeral home in Ellisville, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the types of services offered, the staff, and revenue generated by this local funeral home. You can also check out pricing packages, and how much funeral flowers will cost. You’ll be glad you read this article! Whether you’re planning a memorial service for yourself or a loved one, these tips will help you find the right funeral home for your family’s needs.

Price of funeral flowersPrice of funeral flowers

If you are planning to order funeral flowers for a loved one, the price of the service will depend on what type of arrangements you choose. Listed below are some examples of the prices that you can expect to pay at an Ellisville funeral home. However, these prices may not reflect the most recent pricing at the funeral home. If you are unsure of the price, you should contact the funeral home to confirm its price list and services. You can also look for discounted packages. If you are planning to purchase a casket, urn, or other funeral items, you may also want to look into Ever Loved’s marketplace. This marketplace allows you to purchase caskets and other funeral products directly from independent sellers, making the purchase process as simple as possible.

You may also want to look into the pricing at the funeral home to see how many floral arrangements and services they offer. Alternatively, you may wish to choose a florist based on the florist’s location. If you can’t attend the funeral service in person, you may want to consider sending flowers to a memorial service instead. If you are unable to attend a service, you can still send flowers to the service by ordering them online. YP also offers featured website buttons, which indicate that they provide business information to help consumers make more informed decisions. If you are considering buying funeral flowers, the funeral home is located in Ellisville, Mississippi, so it’s a good choice to consider for all of your funeral needs. It offers cremations and private visitation rooms, making it a perfect place to buy funeral flowers.

Service offered at ellisville funeral homeService offered at ellisville funeral home

The Ellisville Funeral Home is proud to offer a service for the family of Emily Lauren Ishee. Emily passed away on Oct. 31, 2010 at the age of 90. She was the mother of Judy and was a teacher at the 3-D School for Dyslexia. The funeral service will be held Monday, Nov. 1, at 11 a.m. at the 3-D School for Dyslexia at 120 South George Street in Ellisville. If you would like to arrange for a memorial service, please contact the Ellisville Funeral Home.

StaffStaff 1

Located in Ellisville, MS, Ellisville Funeral Home is part of the Death Care Services Industry. It employs 3 people and generates $127,849 in annual sales. This figure is modelled and may not reflect actual contact counts. This funeral home also employs a cemetery and serves the surrounding area of Pecan Grove, Johnson, Walters, and Ellisville Junction. They also serve the communities of Crotts, Sand Hill, and Rainey.

Bobby joined the Jones and Son Funeral Home staff in late 2021. He lives in Ellisville with his wife, Lucretia. Bobby has been a paramedic for several years and is affiliated with the Covington County Hospital ambulance service. He is married to his best friend Lucretia, and is a member of Victory Heights Pentecostal Church. He has many nieces and nephews.

Revenue generated at ellisville funeral homeRevenue generated at ellisville funeral home

The Ellisville Funeral Home is located in Ellisville, MS and is part of the Death Care Services industry. They have three employees and generate $127,849 in annual revenue. Revenue generated at this establishment is estimated based on a model. Principal and contact counts are estimates and may differ from D&B Hoovers. Whether or not the funeral home provides direct service is debatable. If you have any questions, contact the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

While e-commerce has created a significant threat to the revenue of funeral homes, it can also provide them with a sustained source of income. Funeral homes are often small, locally owned establishments serving a 15-mile radius. Since competition is minimal, their success depends on their reputation in the community. Customers are likely to refer funeral homes to others when they are satisfied with their services. However, with e-commerce, customers can purchase caskets online.

One of the most common reasons for the decline of funeral homes has to do with rising real estate taxes. Rising property values have forced many funeral homes to sell their land and close their doors. Additionally, fewer people feel the need to have a body at their funeral. As a result, families are opting for bodiless funerals outside of the funeral home. In addition, many funeral homes are now chain operations, which compete with smaller independent businesses by offering lower prices and greater advertising. Even so, it will still be difficult to make a profit if you are not able to keep up with rising costs.

The funeral home industry has seen record revenue in recent years and is expected to hit $14 billion by the end of 2017. However, the proliferation of cremation and the loss of traditional burial methods will continue to create challenges and affect industry revenue. Cremation has become the most common method of death, with over fifty percent of deceased persons choosing cremation over burial. A recent NFDA report identified cremation as the largest blow to the industry. It is estimated that three quarters of the dead will be cremated, and this trend will continue into the future.

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