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The Dutcher Funeral Home in Bronson was established in 1972 when Steve and Marina bought the former Baggerly Funeral Home and moved it to its current location. The Dutcher family dedicated themselves to serving the community for many years, and their family is continuing that legacy today with Mark and Kathy (Dutcher) Barone. Both families are committed to serving the families of the Coldwater area and their loved ones. This article provides information to help you with your funeral arrangements.

Marlin Dean Shiery, 76, of Bronson, died on Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Marlin Dean Shiery, 76 of Bronson, MI, passed away on Thursday, April 7th, 2022. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Dutcher Funeral Home in Bronson. Shiery was born on August 27, 1945 and served in the U.S. Army from 1965 to 1967 during the Vietnam War. In 1970, he married Joan Bidwell in Bronson and they had three children. He loved to fish and enjoyed attending the Branch County Fair.

There are many ways to get a copy of someone’s death records. For instance, you can search for a deceased person’s name in the Cook County Record, or go to Greene County Area Headlines & Obits to find a death record. You can also look up obituaries by publication date and text.

Those who knew Sherwood Davis Maynard can tell you that he was born with incontinence. He died on Thursday, December 5, 2013. His parents were Ray and Marjorie Sherwood. The deceased’s family, including wife, Heather, and children, are mourning his passing. However, they are happy that he lived in a community where he could find friends and enjoy his family.

Arthur-Day Funeral Home LLC in Michigan Center, MI, is the funeral home in Bronson. Funeral services will be held for Sherwood and Darrell Louis Sherwood. The couple had four children and lived in Michigan City for the last five years. Sherwood was born on May 16, 1948, in Michigan City. He married Joyce Newton in 1968.


The A.W. Dutcher Funeral Home was founded by Arthur W. Dutcher, who had a lifetime interest in funeral service. A native of Haverstraw, New York, Dutcher attended the local schools and worked in the family business with his father, Jacob. Eventually, he bought the furniture store from Leonard Cooper, and later became a Funeral Director. Today, his family still runs the business. However, prices at Dutcher Funeral Home may be higher than you would find at a competitor.

There are several ways to reduce funeral costs. First, you can purchase merchandise from a different funeral home. You can choose from a variety of caskets, burial vaults, cremation urns, or upgraded stationary packages. After you make your selection, the total amount will appear under “Casket & Merchandise Selections.” You may also want to ask about a discount package. You can also purchase a casket or urn directly from an independent vendor using the Ever Loved marketplace.

The Dutcher Funeral Home was established in 1972 by Steve and Marina. They purchased the Baggerly Funeral Home and relocated it to the current location. Steve Dutcher dedicated himself to the community for many years before retiring in 2005. Today, Mark & Kathy (Dutcher) Barone have continued the family tradition of serving local families. The Dutcher family values their community and strives to provide the best service possible.

Memorial service etiquette

If you’re planning a memorial service for a loved one, it’s essential to know proper etiquette. Dutcher Funeral Home is a local business that has been in business since 1972. Steve and Marina Dutcher purchased the Baggerly Funeral Home in 1972 and relocated it to its current location. Steve dedicated himself to the Coldwater community for years, and retired in 2005. His sons Mark and Kathy (Dutcher) Barone took over the business from him and have continued the family tradition of serving local families.

Directions to cemeteries

When searching for a cemetery in Coldwater, MI, directions to Dutcher Funeral Home are simple. Just enter the address into Google and you’ll be taken right to the cemetery. The Dutcher Funeral Home is located at 115 W. Chicago Street in Coldwater. It is easy to find, with its convenient location at the intersection of Chicago Street and Michigan Avenue. The funeral home’s website also offers directions to cemeteries nearby.

Telling your life story

The Dutcher family opened the funeral home in 1972. In order to serve the community, Steve & Marina Dutcher bought the former Baggerly funeral home and moved it to the current location. Steve dedicated himself to the community for many years, and when he decided to retire, he left his legacy by passing the funeral home to his children, Mark & Kathy (Dutcher) Barone. Now, the funeral home continues the tradition of serving local families.

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