Dudley Funeral Home in Dublin, Georgia

The history of Dudley Funeral Home in Dublin, Georgia is a fascinating one. The charter, written by Virgil R. “Rich” Walker, traces the beginnings of the funeral home back to the 19th century. It was later incorporated in 1926. The family had three children: Clayton, Katie, and Herbert “Hub” Dudley. Clayton Dudley was the first to own a funeral home. He passed it on to his sons and later joined his father’s business.

Virgil R. “Rich” Walker wrote the charter for the funeral home

Herbert Dudley was a young man who was interested in law and business. He was the first black county official in Laurens County, Georgia, in 1916, which prompted a lot of protest from local citizens. In Dublin, the Dublin Courier-Herald reported that Dudley was appointed notary public despite being a negro. Judge Kent approved the appointment, but the following day, the Courier-Herald reported that Dudley’s commission was revoked. Judge Kent had a court date set for Wednesday morning for the hearing.

Herbert Dudley was born in Cordele, Georgia in 1892. He and his wife, Mayme Frances Ford Dudley, moved to Dublin just before the turn of the century. Herbert and Katie Dudley provided funeral services for people of all faiths and backgrounds and were pioneers in providing services for the Black community. Herbert was an active member of the community and supported the local 4-H Club Camp. He also founded the Laborers-Mechanics Realty & Investment Company in Dublin, Georgia, the first black bank in the town.

The charter for the Dudley Funeral Home was written by Virgil R. “Rich” Walker in 1923, and has been updated several times over the years. He served the community of Dublin, Georgia for over 30 years. Among the names of those who served the funeral home in the past were Bettye Blanks and James Smith. Their families were among the first to pay their respects to John McKeithan.

The company’s charter also lists several other founders. In addition to Walker, Dixon, Nancy Dorroh Anderson, S. C. Douglas, and C. A. Anderson all contributed to the charter of the Dudley Funeral Home. The charter for the Dudley Funeral Home in Dublin, GA includes a list of notable individuals and businesses.

Clayton Dudley

The Clayton D. Dudley Funeral Home is the oldest family-owned business in Dublin, Georgia. Founded in 1903 by Herbert “Hub” Dudley and his wife, Mayme Frances Ford, the funeral home is a local landmark. The family was pioneers in the business, providing services to the Black community. While the Dudley family owned and operated a general merchandise store in Dublin, many of its businesses were owned by blacks, including a grocery store.

Clayton Dudley Funeral Home has been operating in Dublin for nearly a century, and typically handles five or six funerals each week. Last summer, the funeral home handled two or three services per day. According to Carl Pearson, director of client services, no funeral is ever easy during the pandemic. However, the funeral home has handled dozens of funerals for families since the disease hit the city. And with so many funerals, no one is ever able to sit down and plan ahead.

Karen Bass, 73, passed away on January 8, 2019. She is survived by her husband Glenn Bass, two sons, and parents Peggy and Miller Massey, both of Dublin. Her siblings include brother Keith Smith, of Dublin, and sisters Jeanne Logue and Lynn Russell, of Montrose. She also leaves behind two grandchildren. A graveside service will be held at Big Sandy Baptist Church Cemetery, Dublin. Chris Sanders will serve as a pallbearer. Honorary pallbearers include Luke Daniel and Ken Elerson.

On October 27, 1960, John Wayne brought gospel music to Dublin, Ga. He booked a concert for the county’s courthouse. It was free and open to the public. The event was held at 8:00 p.m., and was attended by people from the nearby towns of Scottsville, Telfair, and Southside. He returned to Dublin the following month for an encore performance. Wayne McGregor may have passed through Dublin in his younger days, since he worked at the bus station in Dublin.

Katie Dudley

The Dudley Funeral Home is one of the oldest and most respected funeral homes in Dublin, Georgia. It was established circa 1900. Located on 617 East Jackson Street in Dublin, it offers traditional funeral services and cremation services. The funeral home’s website features a detailed history of the business, including a list of employees. In addition to providing funeral services, the funeral home also offers cremation services at competitive rates.

Known as the “Dudley House,” the historic Katie Dudley Funeral Home was named after the first Irish immigrant to Dublin. Located near the National Cemetery, the funeral home is a popular place to celebrate a loved one’s life. Herbert Dudley was a local hero and a respected teacher and public servant. His legacy was so influential, Dublin named a public housing project after him.

Mable “Louise” Savage passed away on March 13, 2021. Born in Laurens County, she married Noah Martin, a retired steel worker. Together, they raised three children. After settling in Dublin, she worked for the Woolworth Store. She and her husband later married at Mt. Tilla Baptist Church, where she sang in the Adult Choir. She was also a faithful Usher, serving the church for years. She also worked for the Laurens County Training Center, and eventually retired.

The Hub Dudley family helped build Dublin. His father, Herbert Horatio “Hub” Dudley, was a businessman who moved to Dublin with his family in the early 1900s. He was the father of Katie Ford Dudley and Clayton D. Dudley. The family owned the funeral home and hope to serve the community for the next century. So far, the Dudley family has a rich history in Dublin and the surrounding area.

Herbert “Hub” Dudley

Hub Dudley, an entrepreneur from Dublin, Ga., was instrumental in creating a diverse community in the town of Dublin. He founded the Amoco #2 service station in 1936 and operated it 24 hours a day for the community. His establishment offered fuel, dry goods, restrooms, and safety for the community. Dudley was also the first black notary public in Laurens County. In addition, his business grew and expanded to include a barbershop and a beauty shop. This business grew into a complex that was named for him, and a new one was added in the 1930s.

The Herbert “Hub” Dudley story starts at the corner of East Jackson Street and Truxton Street in Dublin, Ga. It continues up the street to the funeral home that is still family-owned and operated. Herbert “Hub” Dudley began in business as a general merchant, and his family grew. In 1922, Dudley’s Funeral Home opened on East Jackson Street. It remains in the family.

In 1909, the town hosted the State Convention of Baptists. Dr. King stayed at the Dudley Motel during the Civil Rights Movement. The MLK Monument, which still hangs on the building, is a testament to the impact that these men had on the community. Aside from the civil rights movement, Herbert “Hub” Dudley’s Motel also served as a historic location.

A former grocery store, Herbert “Hub” Dudley also provided services to African-Americans in Laurens County. The “Hub” Dudley building also included a meat market, barber shop, mattress factory, and casket manufacturing firm. It was a busy, bustling place. Dudley’s funeral home in Dublin, Ga is dedicated to preserving his legacy.

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