Clary Funeral Home Has merged With Clary’s Memorial Mortuary

Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home has merged with Clary’s Memorial Mortuary. Here is a closer look at the price range for services offered. While these prices may be higher, they are merely estimates. If you’d like to buy urns or cremation urns from an independent seller, try Ever Loved. The listings are not verified, but they’re very close. The prices you see on Ever Loved are an estimate and may be higher or lower than what the Clary Funeral Home charges.

Clary’s Memorial Mortuary

The staff at Clary’s Memorial Mortuary can guide you through every aspect of a funeral service, from selecting a casket to choosing the type of music. This local funeral home also offers grief support services and military funeral services. If you are in need of a funeral home in Licking County, you can choose from several funeral homes in the area. They have been serving the community for decades, so you can rest assured they will do everything possible to honor your loved one’s memory.

Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home

Harry Cumerford founded Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home in Peoria, Illinois, in 1893. Located at 708 Main Street, it is also where Cumerford and Clark Grocery store was located. In 2007, Greg and Margaret Hurd bought Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home and renamed it Cumerford-Hurd Funeral Home. The two funeral homes later merged with Knapp-Johnson-Harris Funeral Home, Inc., in a partnership.

As a family, you may want to consider preplanning a memorial service for your loved one. This will protect your loved one’s legacy and give you peace of mind. This location has been serving the community for many years and can help guide you through the etiquette of holding a memorial service, memorial costs, and the creation of an online obituary. Forrest Serblin, a resident of Peoria, passed away on March 31, 2019.

Clary Funeral Home in Peoria, IL has been around for more than 60 years and is ready to serve your needs. They have licensed funeral directors, embalmers, certified grief recovery facilitators, and insurance agents. They can serve the families of Idabel, OK. You can visit them at 428 W McClure Ave in Peoria, IL. Their funeral home is also part of Owens Hospice Home.

Clary Funeral Consultant Incorporated is a family-owned business located in Peoria, IL. The company employs three people and generates $224,612 in annual sales. The principals of Clary Funeral Consultant Incorporated are listed below. These are estimates; actual contact information may vary. If you do know the funeral director at Clary-Clary Funeral Home, you can make arrangements with them.

Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home merged

In 1893, Harry Cumerford established the Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home in Peoria. Its original location was 708 Main Street, near the Cumerford and Clark grocery store. In 2007, Greg and Margaret Hurd purchased Cumerford-Endsley-Diggle Funeral Home. They renamed the new facility Cumerford-Hurd Funeral Home. In 2016, they partnered with Knapp-Johnson-Harris Funeral Homes, which took over the Cumerford-Clary branch.

Upon merging with the Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home, the funeral home’s location changed. The company’s main office is now in Peoria, Illinois. Its professional staff can meet your funeral needs and help you plan a memorable memorial. The staff was originally born on February 25, 1932. There are many different phone numbers and titles for each of the funeral home’s departments.

The Clary family is grateful to Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home for bringing together the two funeral homes. The new company has expanded their services and has more space. The Cumerford-Clary Funeral Home provides peoria cremation services and funeral services. Dale Clary passed away at the age of 69 on august 8, 2016. He married wendy clary in 1969, and the couple lived in Peoria for more than 50 years.

In Peoria, the Clary Funeral Home has over 60 years of experience and will help you with your funeral service needs. With licensed funeral directors and embalmers, certified grief recovery facilitators, and a variety of services, Clary Funeral Home can meet your family’s needs. Clary Funeral Home is located at 428 W McClure Ave. The Clary Funeral Home is part of Owens Hospice Home.

Prices for services

Clary Funeral Home is located in Thayer, Missouri. This local provider can help you meet all of your funeral service needs. They have received good reviews from customers, and their wide range of services makes it easy to choose the right option. Full-service funeral homes offer a variety of services, including burial and cremation, and they also sell caskets, urns, and memorial products. Cremation prices at full-service funeral homes are typically higher than direct cremation providers.

The Clary-Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory is located in a one-story building with ample parking. The mortuary offers a chapel for the funeral service, as well as various areas for visitation and conversation. They also provide traditional funeral services and unique funeral services, such as sea burial and scattering ashes. If cremation is desired, the Clary-Glenn Funeral Home can assist you with all of the necessary paperwork. The staff will be happy to assist you with your wishes and assist with veteran benefits. They can even help you acquire a plot at a national cemetery.


A leading funeral home in Richland Center, WI is Clary Memorial Funeral & Cremation Service, L.L.C. They’ve been serving families in Richland County since 2011. The funeral home provides personalized service for families who want to celebrate life with meaningful ceremonies. For more information, contact the Richland Center location of Clary Funeral & Cremation Service, L.L.C., today. They can be found at 112 N. Wisconsin Ave.

If you’d like to send funeral flowers to a loved one in the Newark area, Clary Funeral Homes is a convenient choice. This funeral home can be contacted using the information provided above. The florists at Clary Funeral Homes have a large selection of sympathy flowers. The florists can help you select the perfect memorial flower for the departed. The following are some tips to help you select sympathy flowers. You can also contact the funeral home to inquire about specific pricing and packages.

This location is operated by Clary Funeral Homes in Thayer, MO. Clary Funeral Homes employs 3 people and produces $110,993 in annual revenue. Clary Funeral Homes employs 3 people at its single location. It serves families of deceased individuals and those who have died at their facility. The funeral home’s sales volume is calculated by estimating the number of clients and contacts. It employs three funeral professionals. Approximately 23% of Clary’s customers are located in Thayer.

The Clary Funeral Home was opened in 1893 by Harry Cumerford. Its location was at 708 Main Street, where the Cumerford and Clark grocery store was located. In 2006, the Clary Funeral Home partnered with Cumerford-Endsley-Harris Funeral Homes and moved to 428 W. McClure Ave. Clary’s location in Richland Center is a great place for a funeral service.

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