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C&S Fredlock Funeral Home P.A., located in Oakland, MD, is a member of the Death Care Services industry. The company employs 1 people and generates $331,234 in annual sales. The number of employees is based on an estimation of the company’s size and contact numbers. Principal counts may differ from those reported by D&B Hoovers. A death care service provider is required by law to collect and report accurate data.

Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Home is not claimed by an employee of the funeral homeBurdock Fredlock Funeral Home is not claimed by an employee of the funeral home

While you can send flowers to a funeral home or directly to a loved one, you can also find the address and contact information for Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Homes on Ever Loved. The funeral home is not an employee of the site and any information included on the website should not be taken as official. Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Home is not owned or operated by an employee of the site.

Fredlock Funeral Home is a licensed Maryland and West Virginia provider. This establishment is located at 21 N 2nd St. Oakland, MD 21550. Since 1955, they’ve been serving Garrett County. Oakland Memorial Home is a sister establishment of Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Home Pa. and was established in 1962 to serve the Oakland, New Jersey area. The C & S Fredlock Funeral Home, P.A. is located in Cresaptown and Cumberland.

Listed below are the people who passed away in June 2005 at Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Home. Two daughters died at the funeral home in June 2005 – Lois Ann Serafin of Philippi and Mary Grace DePollo of Elkins. Both women died on June 23. They are buried at Branch Mountain Cemetery. In addition to their husbands, Lois Ann Serafin and Mary Grace DePollo are listed as deceased clients of the funeral home.

Demetra Street contacted the funeral home after she was denied the urn she had requested. She was given an email from a staff member referencing Ivan’s “resting place” at Mt. Zion Cemetery. She told the staff at the funeral home that the urn at the center of her husband’s memorial service was not the body of the deceased. The urn was a fake.

C&S Fredlock Funeral Home P.A.CS Fredlock Funeral Home P.A.

The funeral home is located in Oakland, MD, and offers cremation services for your cherished departed loved one. The funeral home is part of the Death Care Services industry and has approximately one employee. They have an annual sales volume of $331,234. The contact count is an estimate, and may not reflect actual counts. To see the most up-to-date pricing information, contact the funeral home directly.

C&S Fredlock Funeral Home is not claimed by an agent of the funeral homeCS Fredlock Funeral Home is not claimed by an agent of the funeral home

This listing of the Burdock-Fredlock Funeral Homes in Frostburg, MD, does not constitute an endorsement by an agent of the business. We sincerely hope you will find our website informative. If not, we are unable to provide the information you have requested. While we will do our best to make the process as simple as possible, we do not claim to be an agent of the funeral home.

Listed on the website are two men: Frank and Peter Hughes. The brothers were born and raised in Cumberland. Their parents were both deceased at the funeral home. They are the executors of their mother’s will. The deceased was also survived by his brothers, James, and Frank. Their families include Mrs. Doonan of Dunbar, Pa., Mrs. Tamborine of Bayard, W. Va., and Mrs. Jeremiah Holpin of Oldtown, D.C.

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