Almon Funeral Home

Bryan Murphy, the president of Almon Funeral Home, is a genuinely nice guy and very professional. He and the other employees of the funeral home handled my father’s funeral with tact, deliberation, and understanding. I’d recommend them to anyone. Their service was top-notch. Read on for more information. And visit their website. They will gladly answer your questions. Here is a summary of what to expect at Almon Funeral Home.

Almon Funeral Home Inc is in the Death Care Services Industry

As part of the Death Care Services Industry, Almon Funeral Home Inc has five employees and generates $490,622 in annual sales. This estimate is based on an analysis of the company’s contact information and principals. However, it does not include the company’s assets. This information may not be current. Almon Funeral Home Inc is located in Carrollton, GA. You can contact them at (770) 428-4722 to learn more about their recent business performance.

It generates $490,622 in sales

Almon Funeral Home is a company based in Carrollton, Georgia. It is part of the Death Care Services Industry and employs 5 people. The funeral home generates $490,622 in sales annually. These figures are estimated based on the number of contacts and principals at Almon Funeral Home. In addition, we have calculated the total value of funeral service sales at Almon Funeral Home for the past three years.

It offers custom funerals, basic cremation, grief support, and military memorial services

A funeral service is a traditional ritual of celebrating the life of the deceased. It provides a space where family and friends can say goodbye and come to terms with the loss. In addition, a funeral service helps those left behind reconnect, share memories, and offer sympathy. Whether a loved one lived a full life or died a simple, quiet death, funeral services are important to the recovery process. Funeral directors at Almon funeral home are available to help you create a custom service that reflects your loved one’s personality and your needs.

If cremation is the choice of your loved one, the Almon funeral home has experienced personnel to handle all aspects of the service. Their staff will assist you in choosing a casket, appropriate music, and other details. You can even make arrangements for local accommodations. The Almon funeral offers a wide range of funeral services, including military memorial services and grief support. For your convenience, veteran burial flags are available for veterans.

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