Ginger and lemon: Good for  skin and health

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         Ginger and lemon: Good for  skin and health

Ginger and lemon:

Ginger and lemon are vegetables good for both skin and health.They are added to food to make it more delicious . lemon juice is added to many dishes.ginger and garlic paste is added to many dishes.

Vitamins in ginger and lemon:

There are many vitamins in ginger and lemon.Lemon contains vitamin c,b1,b2,b6, folate and pantothenic acid. ginger contains a wide range of vitamins,b,thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Why is lemon sour?

Lemon is sour because it contains lots of acids. There are 5 to 7 percent acids in it.citric acid is 1.44 to 1.38g/oz .The acids in it are in small amounts but their soreness is too high.

Is ginger bitter?

People say ginger is bitter but it is not tastes bitter but it is actually not bitter as it is stored for a long time so it loses its freshness and flavor.

Sour lemon and bitter ginger:

AP ginger name z.zerumbet is known as the world’s bitterest ginger mostly found in Asia. There are two types of lemons that are sour eureka and Lisbon. Lisbon came from Portugal and eruka made their way from Italy.

Best tasting lemon and ginger in the world:

Citron de Menton is a lemon that is the best tasting lemon in the comes from France. Jamaican ginger is the best tasting ginger in the world. Nigerian ginger is also very good ginger.

Benefits of ginger and lemon:

Ginger is known as powerhouse as it contains lots of minerals and vitamins ginger is good for is also good for skin it brightens the skin.lemon removes dark spots on your face lemon juice is added to fish to remove its is also used to make a drink called has many benefits.

Disadvantages of lemon and ginger:

Ginger and lemon have many benefits but they also have disadvantages if you use ginger all the time it can cause serious stomach issues such as dirah.lemon can burn your skin if you use it directly to your face.lemon can cause cancer and other serious issues.

How many ginger are produced in world:

Ginger and lemon are produced every year 4.3million gingers are produced in an year.1 lemon tree can produce 270 kg of lemons.

Which country produces most of the lemon and ginger:

Most of the lemon are produced in India , Argentina and are how much lemons are produced in these countries:

India:3.7million metric tons

Argentina:1.9million metric tons

China:2.1million metric tons

Ginger is also produced in many countries

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