How Old Is Goku in 2022?

How old is Goku in 2022? It is a common question among the “Dragon Ball Super fans.” There are several ways of calculating his age. Most fans agree that he is in his early 40s, but some disagree. It is a common problem in comparing Goku to other fictional characters. After all, you can’t compare an anime character to a real person. The Saiyan is more like Captain America than a person.

During his journey, Goku has become a father to several children. In the anime series, Goku becomes a father for the first time at age 19. He’s now 21. He first meets his wife Chi-Chi at the age of 20. The following year, he fights Master Roshi in the final round of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Moreover, he also becomes a father.

Vegeta was born ten years younger than Goku. So, he was slightly younger than Goku before entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which overexposed him. While Vegeta is older than Goku, he is slightly younger than his cousin. Despite being so young, he is already twenty-one years old!

Although Goku was only twelve years old when he started Dragon Ball in 1986. He has been growing up and forming a family. As his strength and abilities have increased with the years, they were natural to wonder how old he was at the end of each Dragon Ball series. However, it is still difficult to pin down an exact age for the character despite this. It seemed like yesterday when Goku was an innocent mountain child who grew up to become the Universe’s greatest fighter. As a result, fans are curious about Goku’s age in the “Dragon Ball Super.”

In Dragon Ball, how old is Goku?

Goku is 11 years old when first see him in Dragon Ball. Throughout the series, we see Goku reach 12 and participate in the 21st World Martial Art Tournament. This tournament was followed by a three-year hiatus until the tournament’s 22nd edition. With these tournaments being three years apart, it’s plausible to believe that Goku is 18 years old. When he participates in the 23rd tournament, beating Piccolo and marrying Chi Chi.

In Dragon Ball Z, how old is Goku?

Picking up many years after the battle of Dragon Ball, Goku’s kid, Gohan, is five years old in Dragon Ball Z. Moreover, Goku dies as a 23-year-old man even during Saiyan Saga, when he sacrifices his life even though Picollo may eliminate his brother Raditz. It is the point at which the chronology becomes perplexing. While he is revived a year later he is returned to his chronological age of 24, but his body stays unchanged from when he died at 23.

Following the conclusion of the Frieza Saga, Goku spends three years learning with Vegeta, Gohan, and the other Z warriors before the entrance of the Androids. Gohan and Goku approach the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in advance for the Cell games. They are a year into training, so their bodies reemerge one year older; yet, a year has not passed chronologically. Also, he indicates that Goku’s age syncs back approximately to 27 years old.

After sacrificing himself in the battle against Cell, Goku lays unconscious for seven years only after being resurrected by Elder Kai to face the Earth’s next enemy, Majin Buu. It would place Goku at 34 years old chronologically, but his body remains 27 years old, precisely as it was when he died first.

Dragon Ball Z’s epilogue takes place ten years after Buu is defeated. Goku’s chronological age is 44 after Dragon Ball Z, but his body is 37.

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In Dragon Ball Super, how old is Goku?

Goku was 43 years old when Dragon Ball Super’s conclusion. He initially appears in Dragon Ball as a 12-year-old mountain lad. However, he claimed to be 14 due to his terrible math skills. He was 15 years old when he faced Tien Shien in the 22nd World tournament. After defeating King Piccolo, Goku traveled to Kami for training. Where he spent a significant amount of time in the hyperbolic time chamber. He reappears as a young man to combat Piccolo Jr. in the tournament, and Goku is 18. However, he may be physically older since he spent a lot of time practicing in the chamber. Goku then married Chi-Chi and gave birth to his first child at twenty.

In Dragon Ball Z after the birth of Gohan:

Dragon Ball Z begins four years after the birth of Gohan, placing Goku at the age of 24 and facing him against his elder brother Raditz. Additionally, He battled the 30-year-old Vegeta a year after confronting Raditz, bringing Goku’s age to 25. (Goku is five years younger than Vegeta). At 25, Goku traveled to Namek and fought Frieza, the Universe’s most dreaded dictator. He spent two years on Yardrat after beating Frieza to perfect his trademark technique, Instant Transmission. As a result, he was 27 years old when he returned to Earth. Future Trunks cautioned them. After three years, androids will assault Earth. Thus, He was thirty years old when he battled Androids and subsequently perished attempting to assassinate Cell. He returned from the Other World seven years later for the Martial Arts Tournament, making him 37 years old when he subsequently battled Kid Buu in the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super began four years after the events of the Kid Buu arc, with Goku at the age of 41 and working as a farmer. As a 41-year-old man, he accomplished numerous spectacular exploits, including transforming into a Super Saiyan God to battle Beerus, the God of Destruction. Later in his career, he battled an evil version of himself and then competed in the largest tournament ever, which included warriors from eight different worlds. Additionally, Goku obtained another new form throughout the competition, Ultra Instinct. The events of Super occurred over two years. As a result, they mature slowly, as Goku did when he was 15 in the first season. After Saiyan attains maturity, their development is slowed. As a result, although their age increases each year. Also, their physical growth is very modest compared to humans.

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