How to Add a Splash of Green to Your Home

How to Add a Splash of Green to Your Home

A quick, low-cost way to add a splash of green to a room is with wall art. You can easily change out different pieces without making a huge commitment. The right piece can be a statement piece for your room or tie your color scheme together. It can also create a stylish focal point. Many beginning designers end up choosing wall art that’s too small or too large. If you’re on a budget, try a piece of wall art that is an appropriate size for the room.

Even numbers and symmetry are ultra-popular

The art of arranging green wall decor is an age-old tradition, but the latest trends in the home are pushing the limits of this style. This year, two-piece split canvases are a top choice for Splash of Green decor, and it’s no surprise that symmetry and even numbers are ultra-popular. For example, a painting with two identical pieces is a great choice for 2022.

Plants with unusual shapes add visual interest

To make green wall decor more interesting, use plants with unique shapes and colors. Even standard green plants can look interesting with a few varying shades. Using large frames for big-leafed plants like elephant ears can add visual interest. Adding different plants throughout the year can make the living wall more interesting, and homeowners can switch out color schemes as the seasons change. Keep in mind that plants should be able to tolerate the light and shade in their home.

Wall art is a low-cost, low-commitment option Splash of Green

If you’re looking for affordable wall decor, consider purchasing a wall art set. These are versatile pieces that can be used in several different locations. These items also make an excellent, low-commitment option for those on a budget. And since they don’t require dimon funeral home obituaries a high-priced installation fee, you can reuse them for years. In addition, they’re also easy to remove and rehang when you’re done with them.

One of the best ways to add a pop of green to your room is with wall art. It’s easy to swap out a print with a different piece and still have the same green accent. A green wall art piece can tie together the color scheme in a room and provide a stylish focal point. Many beginning interior designers make the mistake of selecting too-small decor pieces.

Many people use nature as a theme for their walls. While nature wall art is popular, flowers can pick up your existing decor colors. Floral wall art is also popular, since flowers are beautiful, natural, and free. They are an easy way to bring color into your home without breaking the bank. You can even print your own photos or find them on high-quality paper. It’s an affordable, low-commitment option that will enhance your decor in a unique and beautiful way.

Modernism is popular with Splash of Green

If you’re looking to decorate your home with environmentally friendly products, modernism might be the right choice for you. Modernism is not a specific style, but more of a mindset. As it changes over time, it adapts to changing cultural trends, technological advancements, and geographic locations. This is because it adheres to sustainability principles. Modernism has been popular for decades, but that doesn’t mean that it is dead.

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