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Mentally fragile children below the age of 21 need more time and care than anyone else. The parents and other family members sometimes fail to provide the time and care they need. In some cases, the family members do have plenty of time and energy to give but they still can not provide the best service to the mentally fragile child.

Whether or not you have time to provide, the mentally fragile child needs special care and treatment to survive. An unqualified/untrained person can not provide that. However, he can hire Gapp and give his mentally fragile family member the environment and treatment he needs to survive. If you are concerned about your mentally fragile family member as well, here is a brief guide;

A little about Gapp

Gapp stands for Georgia Pediatric Program. It is a Medicaid program designed to provide services to mentally fragile children. The services are provided by skilled professionals according to the child’s physical and medical needs.

Gapp services

Gapp provides a variety of services to mentally fragile children. You can say, this Medicaid provides almost all the services the mentally fragile need to survive. To be more specific, these services include;

Unmedicated services

●       Bathing

●       Housekeeping

●       Feeding

Medicated services

●       IV therapies

●       Wound care

●       Gastrointestinal disorder care and treatment

●       Tube feeding

●       Monitoring blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration

●       Assistance with ambulation and transfer

Gapp guide

Who can avail of Gapp services?

To avail of the Gapp services, the mentally fragile child has to be eligible. The eligibility criteria published by Gapp are given below;

●       The child must be mentally fragile

●       The child should be below the age of 21 years

●       The child must be receiving medicated services already

●       The Child requires a long-term care

●       The parent must fulfill all the Gapp requirements

How much does it cost?

Well, it can not be told “exactly” how much you need to pay to avail of these services. It depends on the child’s condition, and the kind and number of services Gapp have to provide. However, as per the observation it usually costs less as compared to the hospital.

How to get approved for Gapp?

To be approved for Gapp, the child must be eligible. You have to request the services, care consent, and qualifying criteria are gathered by RCS staff, and documents are required to be submitted for review and approval, once the team is satisfied with the information provided, services are given.

How long does it take to be approved by Gapp?

Whatever the eligible case is, it usually takes 30 to 60 working days to get approved by Gapp. It’s important to know and understand that you can not decide and immediately avail the services. You have to fulfill all the requirements, wait for the company to review the documents submitted by the mentally fragile child’s parents, issue an approval letter, and start providing services.

When can you apply for the services?

There are no hard and fast rules about when you can or can not apply for Gapp services. The child just has to be eligible, the parents can apply for the services whenever they need assistance.

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