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sturm funeral home

Sturm Funeral Home Inc. is a business in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. It is a Death Care Services business with approximately 4 employees and a sales volume of $476,690. The contact information on this page includes the estimated number of principals and contacts for Sturm Funeral Home Inc. Please note that these figures are estimates only and may not reflect actual business practices. In this article, we will discuss the history of Sturm Funeral Home Inc.

Sturm Funeral Home was founded by Ron and Sharon Sturm

The Sturm family owned and operated funeral homes in St. James, Minnesota since 1982. In 1986, they bought the Clow and O’Hare funeral homes. In 1990, they merged them to form the Sturm and Kramer Funeral Home. Their first location was at 906 10th Ave. S. in St. James. The company expanded after purchasing the Kramer and Sturm funeral homes.

It was acquired in 2002

Sturm Funeral Homes, Inc., in Mountain Lake, Minnesota, was acquired in 2002 by Justin Asmus and Jay VanSickle from Ron and Sharon Sturm. In 2009, Pease Funeral Home of St. James was acquired by the firm. Both locations were merged into one facility at 906 10th Ave. The other location is in Madelia, Iowa at 303 E. Main Street. The Sturm family has served families in the area since 1898.

It opened its Pilgrim Chapel in 2011

Sturm Funeral Homes, Inc. was founded in 1908 by Fred Sturm. The company expanded by acquiring two other funeral homes, the Pease Funeral Home in St. James in 1993 and the Pilgrim Funeral Home in 2011. In 2011, Sturm purchased Pilgrim, which opened its Pilgrim Chapel at 303 E. Main St. in Mountain Lake, MN. The new facility offers services ranging from cremation to funeral service.

The Sturm Funeral Home in Saint James, MN has a long history in the community. The company opened its Pilgrim Chapel in 2011, and the community quickly embraced the new location. It serves the surrounding areas, including Lazarus Noor, Butterfield, and Cody Bowman. Located on Highway 61, this is just minutes from downtown St. James.

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