Mountain City Funeral Home

Mountain City Funeral Home

Located in Mountain City, Tennessee, Mountain City Funeral Home is a trusted local funeral home serving families for years. Its professional staff can help you plan the service, guide you through funeral etiquette, direct you to local cemeteries, and create an online obituary. If your loved one lived in Mountain City, Silverstone, or Peoria, the funeral home can assist you.

Dan Lipford worked at the mountain city funeral home

Carroll Bowman died on Saturday, November 30, 2002. He was a resident of Butler and died with his wife Mary. Funeral services were held at Hux-Lipford Funeral Home Chapel. He was a pallbearer. Honorary pallbearers included Bryan Bryant, Eric Tester, and Richard Bryant. The funeral home provided all the services.

Temple Reece is a Pre-need Counselor

Temple Reece is a licensed counselor and recently earned her Tennessee Pre-need Agent license. She currently works at Johnson County Bank and volunteers as an Assistant Director for the Johnson County Center for the Arts. She has been active in the community for many years and is sure to be an asset to our clients. Read on to learn more about Temple. Here are some of her qualifications:

Donnelly-Hill Funeral Home was founded by R. Ross Donnelly

Originally founded in 1897, Donnelly-Hill Funeral Home has become one of the most respected and trusted names in the area. Cremation services may accompany a traditional type of funeral service, or they may focus solely on the cremation process. Costs will vary based on the number of family members, the choice of cemeteries, and any elective merchandise.

Originally located in Shouns, Tennessee, R. Ross Donnelly opened an undertaking parlor in 1900. It served the community near Mountain City. “Bill” Hill, who had married Edith Donnelly in 1927. Hill began working at Donnelly-Hill in the early 1920s after moving to Johnson County from West Tennessee. In 1927, Hill’s father passed away.

The Donnelly-Hill Funeral Home was a popular choice among families in Johnson and Carter counties. The funeral home is located in Johnson County. Its name, Hux-Lipford, is derived from the town in which it is located. R. Ross Donnelly founded the business in 1898. The current owners, Dan Lipford, purchased the business in July 2017 and changed the name to Hux-Lipford Funeral Home.

The Donnelly-Hill Funeral Home has two locations. One is located in the City of Perth, and the other is in Irving, Texas. The funeral home has excellent reviews from past and present customersDonnelly-Hill Funeral Home has a reputation as a caring and compassionate funeral home.

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