How to Promote Your Church Videos: 3 Actionable Tips


Videos are vital tools for engaging and connecting with church members. Churches and ministries have not quite picked up on this trend yet and continue to rely on text content to promote their message.

Today, most mobile users prefer to consume video content instead of reading text content. That’s why video content should be a crucial part of the church’s marketing plan. It is also a great way to increase the reach and send the church’s message to a wider audience.

How to Promote Your Church Videos: 3 Actionable Tips

Creative videos with powerful and meaningful messages will have more impact on the new and existing members. It is not long since churches have started using social networking sites to send their messages.

It may be daunting for the church team to come up with effective video marketing strategies. They may give up on the idea of creating worship media content because it is too complicated. Making video content does not have to be fancy, high-production, and complicated.

Remember, you are in this game for the long haul, so, keep up with the new trends.Follow these 3 actionable tips to promote church videos.

Create an Upload Quality Video Content on Social Media Channels

Make sure to create quality video content that makes the viewer stop scrolling and watch the whole video. Focus on quality and creative video content instead of trying to post videos every other day.

  • Upload bi-weekly fun videos to introduce new staff members or meet the existing ones
  • Videos highlighting several ministries in the church
  • Testimonial videos
  • Weekly motivational video from the priest or church leader
  • Videos about prayer topics or sermon recaps
  • Explanation of bible verses or video announcements about an upcoming church event

Importantly, upload the video directly on each channel instead of sharing links. For instance, although posting a YouTube share link on Facebook might seem easier, it is not suggested, instead, post it directly on Facebook for increasing reach and impact.

Create Short, Shareable Videos

Although people consume hours of video content each day, they do not want to spend much time on one video. Typically, the person in the video has 10 seconds to grab their attention; failure to do so, they can expect to lose a significant number of viewers at the 30-second mark.

Generally speaking, people would not stick through longer videos, therefore, create videos of less than one minute long. When making a video, get to the point without sharing unnecessary details and add a call to action to share the video with friends and family.

Live Stream Events

Use Facebook and Instagram live to broadcast events and special services to people who were unable to attend. Live streaming is a quicker way of gaining hundreds and thousands of new followers and viewers.

Before the event begins, upload a text post requesting members to join the live stream. Also, ask the members to spread the message about the live stream by sharing it on their social media accounts.

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