4 Tips For Moving Furniture

Moving Furniture

If you are rearranging or moving to a new house, moving heavy and oddly-shaped furniture can be quite tricky for homeowners. For novices, it can be downright dangerous to tackle this difficult task, thankfully, there are several reputable services that can help you in this regard.

If you have previous experience with relocating stuff, following some smart techniques will help you move furniture without paying the professionals and you can go with couch pick-up. Whether you are moving to a different city, the next house, or another room, these tips will help you move furniture with no damage.

4 Tips For Moving Furniture

As you are relocating, it is important to donate or sell damaged furniture or unwanted personal possessions. As the furniture movers charge on the basis of items, donating and selling furniture will make the move a little less costly.

You will be able to move stuff easily by following these four effective steps.

Use Specialized Equipment

It is best to have specialized equipment to move heavy items like a refrigerator, freezer, washer, and others. Invest in furniture pads to move items that are difficult to maneuver. If it does not work, use a specialized hand truck to move bulky furniture.

It is not easy to shift large furniture items with bulky hands, a person must have an appliance dolly, utility dolly, moving straps, gliders, lifting slaps, foot sliders, and moving blankets. Moreover, it is easy to get injured or smash fingers or toes during the move, therefore, wear a protective suit to stay safe.

Disassemble Furniture

Whenever practical, disassemble couches, beds, and other furniture items to save space and fit more stuff into the container. Although it will require significant time to disassemble, it ensures minimal item damage and lowers the risk of personal injury.

Take apart large pieces of furniture including sofas, dressers, bed frames, tables, and cabinets. Make sure to pack nuts, bolts, and screws in a safe bag to make reassembly easier.

Clear Path

Remove everything from doorways and walkways to easily move the furniture items. Take off decor pieces from the wall, cover furniture items with blankets, and cover the corners of the doorways with protective adhesive padding. Some items can not fit through the hallways, therefore, remove the door stop to make extra space.

Get Help

If you do not want to damage the house or furniture, there is always an option to hire professional packers and movers. Also, you can ask friends, associates, and relatives to help you with the move.

Movers are professionally trained, therefore, it is guaranteed that the furniture will reach its new location safe and sound. However, the homeowner may have to pay packers and movers a significant cost to move stuff safely.

In a Nutshell

When relocating, there is a dire need to have a comprehensive plan for things to go smoothly. Make a plan, label boxes, and inform people helping you out about the furniture layout so that they will know where to set furniture at the new location.

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