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5 Key Tips for Working with A Live Edge Slab

5 Key Tips for Working with A Live Edge Slab

About to work on the Live Edge Slab for the first time? Well, it would be a unique experience. What you have learned from working with different woods might or might not help you. Here are a few tips that would be quite helpful in working with the Live Edge wood  Slab for the first time;

  • Select the Live Edge Slab carefully
  • Know when to remove and when not to remove the bark
  • Store the Live Edge Slab in a suitable condition
  • Do not treat the small and large holes the same way
  • Sand the Live Edge Slab appropriately

Select the Live Edge Slab carefully

Even before working and expecting the Live EdgeSlab to become a masterpiece, you need to select it carefully. Selecting the right Live EdgeSlab is a bit difficult for beginners. It is because the Live Edge Slab looks exactly the opposite of what most people imagine. The things that appear to be flaws of wood are the qualities of Live EdgeSlab. Live EdgeSlab always has curvy edges, and different grain patterns around the knots, burls, and corners. Each piece of the Live EdgeSlab would be different and you have to accept it as it is. Whenever, you have to select the Live EdgeSlab, keep all the points in mind and pick the piece very carefully.

Know when to remove and when not to remove the bark

When you are working on the Live EdgeSlab, you have the option to keep or remove the bark. The decision of keeping or removing the bark should be taken carefully as it has the power to change the outcome.

If a customer demands you to produce smooth edges, you have to remove the bark. However, if he/she prefers the natural look, you have to keep the bark. Removing the bark is always a great idea, as the smooth edges do not flake off and are easier to clean and maintain as well.

Store the Live EdgeSlab in suitable conditions

Storing the Live EdgeSlab in a suitable place and condition is super important. The Live EdgeSlab can not be stored in bathrooms, garages, basements, and storage units. You should store it in a place it can not absorb the moisture. More importantly, do not lay it on the ground as well. It makes the wood Slab wrap.

Do not treat the small and large holes the same way

The Live Edge Slab can have both small and large holes. Whether the holes are small or large, they have to be filled. Spot the large holes and fill them with epoxy resin and for the small holes, they may not be any better option than starbond.

Sand the Live EdgeSlab very carefully

The Live EdgeSlab needs to be sanded and it should be done carefully. If the Live Edge Slab is not sanded well, it will have a groovy surface. Your goal should be to have a smooth surface, so what you have to do is sand the Live EdgeSlab until it gets smooth.

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