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Drywall hammers are novel handheld devices intended to drive nails and slice through drywall .The Drywall hammer has a strengthened and formed Shock Reduction Grip which offers as far as possible in both solace and strength, while diminishing vibrations accomplished by impact. The head and handle are made in one piece and are completely cleaned. The round face makes for fundamental nail driving and the sharp edge will score drywall.

A drywall hammer is a specialty device that looks like a conventional hammer, with the exception of processed face’s utilised to grasp nails and its axe-like end that is utilised to manage drywall. The instrument is for the most part utilised for introducing and changing drywall, which is the material used to develop dividers all through your home.

Drywall hammers arrive in an assortment of sizes and shapes. To assist you with choosing the drywall hammer that is ideal for your next project, the Home Claver Surveys Group explored the best drywall hammers on ebay. Here are our main five proposals.

Best Game plan: Stanley 14-Ounce FatMax AntiVibe Drywall Sledge

This 14-ounce drywall hammer from Stanley has a solid steel body encased by a fantastic and formed versatile hold. The contraption has a nail-understanding managed face and a sharp front to help secure and direct drywall. Also, the mallet has an ergonomic handle to diminish exhaustion while at work.

Key Parts

1.58 pounds

13.98 inches long

Bound lifetime ensure

This drywall hammer got a typical rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from north of 400 client reviews, which is possibly higher than the customary client rating of 4.7 across all drywall hammers in this overview. Close by its high client rating, 85% of clients surveyed this drywall hammer 5 stars, with just 2% of clients rating the thing 2 stars or less.

Many satisfied clients continued unendingly about the mallet’s look and feel, with clients applauding its nail-disposing score and solid drywall sharp edge. Other positive reviews considering the sledge’s wonderful and shock-enchanting hold. Negative assessments focused on the drywall sledge’s sharp edge, which one client said was dull.

What are a few extraordinary highlights excellent to a drywall pound?


A drywall hammer, once in a while called a drywall ax, is one of the main apparatuses a drywall holder possesses. What makes a drywall ax unique in relation to any standard sledge?

In this way a light weight hammer forestalls basic dings and scratches in the drywall paper surface. Another part awesome to drywall hammers is the changed striking surface. This changed plan ruins pointless scratches and stamps in the drywall paper surface too. As a detachment, consider a hammer.

The main special trait of a drywall hammer is the light weight. Drywall hammers are for the most part under a pound. They ordinarily weigh around 12 – 13 ounces. The light weight is valued by drywall holders for the conspicuous explanation that it is simpler to haul around, but it fills a more pragmatic need too. The paper surface of drywall will ultimately be done with drywall compound and painted to make the completed result of the divider. The less blow-back that is caused when the mallet strikes the drywall paper surface the better. Any blemishes left in the drywall paper by the sledge should be rectified with drywall mud. Along these lines a light weight hammer forestalls significant dings and scratches in the drywall paper surface.


One more component special to drywall hammers is the adjusted striking surface. This adjusted plan forestalls superfluous scratches and marks in the drywall paper surface too. As a differentiation consider an outlining hammer. The striking surface of an outlining hammer is totally gotten down to business. If you somehow happened to utilise an outlining sledge to drive nails into drywall, each time the essence of the mallet didn’t interface impeccably solidly against the outer layer of the drywall, the sides of the sledge face would result in marks in the drywall paper. On the opposite finish of the range, a ball-pein hammer has a totally round head. A ball-pin sledge would be truly challenging to control while driving drywall nails. It would likewise result in a profound gouge in the drywall paper making the top of the nail cut the surface.

A third trademark exceptional to drywall hammers is the axe like tail on the posterior of the mallet. This plan started as an instrument for mortar labourers to cleave wood slat strips rapidly without expecting to get a device. Today, plasterers actually like this part of the drywall axe anyway drywall holders have viewed it as supportive also. There are times when a drywall holder requires wooden sponsorship while doing a drywall fix. However the ax on a drywall hammer isn’t adequate to cut a two-by-four, it tends to be utilised to break more modest one-by’s. All the more habitually, a drywall holder will utilise the axe finish of his sledge as an expansion of his arm to get and convey the lower end of a piece of drywall. Many will use the axe to check the area of light boxes to be subsequently removed with a Roto-Zip.

However different kinds of sledges can be utilised while introducing drywall boards, as a result of the special attributes of the drywall axe, it is the most ideal mallet for the undertaking. For anybody expecting to drape in excess of a couple of sheets of drywall it’s a good idea to buy a drywall hammer.

What shape is on the hammer head of most drywall hammers?


According to the experts at Home Time, it has a handled, curved head that could have a serrated face for better hanging on the nail. The head has a square-like shape. The drywall hammer is also occasionally called a drywall axe. This is because backwards the head is an axe style front line.

How do you treat a hammer?

You might be under the inclination that a hammer is truly immediate, that it’s a significant gadget used for breaking things or pummeling nails into dividers. In any case, concerning putting or drywall occupations, it’s indispensable to know what’s the qualification between a drywall and standard sledge, as there are a couple of pretty gigantic separations and usages for the two.

A drywall hammer is a specialty device that looks like a standard mallet, with the exception of its taken care of face that is utilised to hold nails and its axe like end that is utilised to direct drywall. The gadget is for the most part utilised for introducing and adjusting drywall, which is the material used to encourage dividers by and large through your home.

It additionally has an axe shaped back part for making unpleasant cuttings in the drywall assuming you’re hoping to account for things like outlets. For this reason the drywall hammer is once in a while alluded to as the drywall hatchet. The axe part can likewise be utilised for hauling nails out on the off chance that they aren’t situated accurately, prepared for them to be hammered back in the correct manner.

Dissimilar to the typical hammer, the drywall hammer regularly accompanies a square head. Furthermore, it here and there has attractive characteristics to keep the nails set up, can come in various loads and decrease the impacts of backlash shock. Indeed it varies extensively from a standard hammer in look, feel and plan through and through.

It is not necessarily the case that an ordinary hammer isn’t helpful in putting, it’s simply that the standard hammer is utilised for things other than drywall, for example, for cautious expulsion of old mortar from brickwork in the readiness part toward the start.

When would it be advisable for you to utilise a drywall hammer?


The drywall hammer is uniquely intended to drive nails through drywall into the divider behind it, leaving a downturn in the drywall board where the top of the nail lies underneath the surface. Thus, while putting your drywall, it’s simpler to conceal the parts where the nails are hammered in with mortar and give yourself a more faultless completion toward the end.

It’s an apparatus planned explicitly for use while managing drywall and will obtain the best outcomes, so it’s certainly worth noticing when you should utilise a drywall hammer and the distinction between when an ordinary hammer will do the work comparably well.

We stock drywall hammers


At Homeclaver we stock drywall hammers that are wonderful in assisting you with taking care of business, whether you’re setting up drywall or bringing it down. However, in the event that you want a hammer for some different option from drywall, perhaps you should look at our simple to utilise attractive nail hammer, which will grasp the nails firmly and get you into tight places with least issue.

It’s essential to know the distinction with regards to involving the right apparatuses in putting. In this way, assuming that you’re confused by which is awesome for the gig, go ahead and drop in or call us for more data. We’re satisfied all of the time to help.

How big would drywall be able to have the choice to hold?


They can hold as much as 20 pounds with the genuine nail, for example, a customary certification format. Level mounted catch and anchor can hold as much as 50 pounds

How much weight could drywall have the option to hold without gets? 

This can be 5 to 10 pounds, but recollect that the drywall is an unbelievably delicate material and, it isn’t adequately ready to hold the heap for a more expanded time span.

A drywall hammer is a unique kind of hammer that is utilised in the establishment or expulsion of drywall, which is a material used to complete inside dividers. A drywall hammer contrasts from an ordinary hammer not just in what the future holds, yet additionally as far as what it looks like. Normally, the front substance of this sort of hammer is serrated, which makes it great for grasping the heads of nails. It as a rule has a back segment that is moulded like an axe also, which is utilised for slicing through the drywall material. Truth be told, a drywall hammer is now and then alluded to as a drywall hatchet in view of the axe piece of its development.


Commonly, a drywall hammer, which normally has a squared head, is utilised to drive extraordinary nails through a drywall board and into the divider outlining it will cover. This sort of hammer is intended to make a downturn when it drives a nail in, so the top of the nail is beneath the outer layer of the divider while the nailing is finished. The front essence of this sort of hammer is commonly serrated so the hammer does a more proficient work of hitting and driving the nail into its legitimate spot. Now and then these hammers are additionally outfitted with attractive innovation that assists with keeping the nail in the right position.

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