Buddy’s Home Furnishings Offers the Best Deals on Rent-To-Own TVs


Buddy’s Home Furnishings, which was founded in 1961, offers rent-to-own options for electronics, appliances, and furniture to consumers with poor credit. They have over 300 company-owned and franchised locations nationwide, serving customers in the United States and Guam.

Buddy’s is a mainstay in the RTO industry, offering quality name-brand products through affordable payments and flexible rental or lease-purchase plans. Their national brand recognition and tried-and-true, proven systems have only compounded their success.


Buddy’s Home Furnishings has a huge selection of computers. It carries desktop and laptop computers plus a lot of accessories such as speakers, DVD players, gaming systems, and more. It also has 55-inch LG TVs and the new PS4 as well as stereos and many other items.

The company’s rent to own program enables credit-challenged consumers to attain ownership of furniture, appliances and electronics through affordable payments without the restrictions of traditional financing or credit. With more than 330 locations nationwide and franchisees operating in over 251 stores, Buddy’s is one of the largest rent to own dealers in the country.

Founded in 1961, Buddy’s Home Furnishings started as an appliance store. Over time, they expanded their inventory and introduced a new rental purchase program that allowed customers to acquire merchandise through low monthly payments and no long-term obligation.

Computers are a crucial part of many businesses, and the right computer can make all the difference between success and failure. This is especially true in the retail industry, where many retailers rely on their computers to manage their inventory and customer relationships. In addition to computers, buddy’s carries mattresses and bedding products as well as other household accessories like lamps and rugs. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to help its customers find the perfect home furnishings and electronics for their needs. This will be done by allowing customers to shop for products that best suit their lifestyle and budget.


Despite its humble beginnings, television is still an integral part of our lives. From our smartphones to our television sets, we’re constantly surrounded by video and audio content that can be enjoyed in any given moment. Whether it’s the latest episode of your favorite show or a good old-fashioned family game night, TV is one of the most important elements of any modern day home. With a little research, you can narrow down your search for the perfect new TV to find the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. And you can even keep your eyes on the prize when it comes to upcoming specials or deals from your favorite networks and brands. We’ve rounded up all the information you need to make a better decision when it comes time to shop for your next TV, including the best deals from your favorite networks and brands.


The electronics collection at buddy’s home furnishings includes a wide selection of televisions, stereos, gaming systems, DVD players, speakers and laptops. This rent-to-own store also offers a variety of accessories including rugs, lighting and wall decor. Shoppers can find full living room suites and individual pieces for standard and counter-height dining rooms, as well as bedroom groups that include beds, dressers and nightstands.

Founded in 1961, Buddy’s is the third largest rent-to-own furniture and appliance dealer in the United States and Guam. Their business approach offers customizable rental-purchase arrangements as well as up to six months of same-as-cash plans with no credit checks and free delivery services. It has more than 300 company-owned and franchised stores operating throughout the U.S. and Guam, and is the country’s largest independent lease-purchase / rent to own furniture, appliance and electronic retailer. Buddy’s focuses on a customer-centric approach, providing a comprehensive financing program with no credit checks and no down payment requirements. The company employs a team of experts to assist customers with selecting their new items, and is one of the top experts in the industry for lease purchase, rent-to-own and financing options.


Founded in 1961 in Tampa, Florida,Buddy’s Home Furnishings is one of the industry’s oldest and most legendary rent-to-own firms. The firm specialises in furniture, electronics, appliances, and home accessories sales and rental ownership. The company was also the first to offer a mobile app to help customers track their orders and make payments. In addition to a stellar collection of merchandise, they are well-known for their customer service. Among their 300+ franchised locations, they are currently operating in more than 30 states and Guam. They have a robust online store and the latest in technology that includes RFID tags, mobile apps and e-commerce integrations.

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