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4 Tricks to Deep Clean Your Carpet

Not many people know that most companies will consider the warranty void if the carpet is professionally cleaned once every year or two. Vacuuming and spot cleaning just does not do it, especially when your carpet is turning to a darker shade. You can do it yourself or hire companies by simply writing ‘’ carpet cleaning near me’’.

Over time, carpets accumulate dirt, grime, and pests, therefore, regular deep cleaning is a must to give carpets a new lease of life. Luckily, you do not have to hire professionals or invest in over-the-top cleaning supplies to get the job done.

4 Tricks to Deep Clean Your Carpet

Although carpeting adds to the coziness and warmth of the space, it requires more maintenance than hard floors. Regular vacuuming does not count as deep cleaning, however, it combats everyday dirt and dust.

Follow the given 4 tricks to deep clean your carpet


First and foremost, deep cleaning starts with vacuuming. Homeowners should vacuum frequently within short intervals, more than twice a week. The area that gets the most foot traffic should be vacuumed often, ideally, every other day.

Weekly vacuum areas that are used less, this way you will save more time and focus on high traffic and dirty areas. While cleaning dirty areas, go over each section twice or more to suck out dirt and grime.

Eliminate Odors

Besides dirt and grime, carpets start to smell if not cleaned for a long time. Eliminating odors is just as important as getting rid of dirt and grime. Following vacuuming, use the baking soda solution to minimize odors.

Baking soda should be applied in high-traffic areas where it is needed the most to collect odors.

Remove Stains

The deep cleaning process involves removing carpet stains. Do not leave the stains to stay for longer, if left for a prolonged period, the harder it is to remove them. Treating carpet stains does not mean having them professionally cleaned.

Instead, blot the stained area, let the liquid or cleaning solution sink in, and do not rub as you blot, otherwise, you will push the stain further.

Deep Cleaning Methods

There are multiple ways to deep clean a carpet, a few of them are mentioned below

  • Chemical Cleaning – In this cleaning method, cleaning chemicals are applied after vacuuming. After a few minutes, it is absorbed with a pad attached to a rotary floor machine. It is suitable for cleaning the upper surface of the carpet, however, not many people are comfortable with using chemicals.
  • Steam Cleaning – A great substitute for chemicals is steam cleaning which involves spraying the carpet with high-pressure hot water. The hot water reaches the bottom of the fibers to pick dirt and grime to reveal a clean, fresh carpet.
  • Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning a carpet is different from the way clothes are dry cleaned. Use the cleaning machine to penetrate foam or shampoo into the carpet and then vacuum it away. Secondly, have the dry powder brushed into the fibers with a machine, and after a few minutes, vacuum to pick up powder and dirt.

Ultimately, all these methods work fine to deep clean a carpet, pick any that you find best and start cleaning.

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