Day: February 22, 2023

Danish Modern Furniture

Danish modern is a style of minimalist housewares and furniture that’s associated with the Danish design movement. It’s notoriously clean and streamlined, and it’s still coveted today, more than half a century after its heyday. Originally, this furniture style gained popularity after World War II because of its unornamented curvilinear shapes and moderate scale. It […]

Household Furniture Company

A household furniture company is a company involved in the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of furnishings. This includes furniture, textiles, upholstery and other products related to homes, offices and commercial spaces. Founded in 1945, Household Furniture Co is a family-owned and operated business that services El Paso. It offers a wide range of furniture […]

Furnishings Definition

Furniture is equipment, movable or stationary, intended to be used for supporting people or things. It is usually made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, marble, glass, and fabrics. Furniture can be embellished in many ways including carving and turning or by adding decorative materials such as bronze, ivory, and marble. […]

Safavieh Home Furnishings

Safavieh Home Furnishings is a top retailer of high-quality furniture, area rugs and accessories. Their showrooms are located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Currently, the company operates 13 retail stores across the Tri-State area, with two million square feet of warehouse space and in-house manufacturing facilities on three continents. Vanguard Furniture Vanguard Furniture […]

Contract Furnishings Mart

Contract furnishings mart is a wholesale flooring, cabinet and countertops dealer that serves the needs of builders, remodelers and trade professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Central Oregon, they carry all of the latest carpet, hardwood, stone and other surface options for your new home or remodeling project. Their sales staff averages 17 years […]

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